Engage 2 Engage Will Launch Your Online Business in 2 Months for a Payment Plan of Less Than $297 USD / Month - This Means:
Website / Funnel, Automation, Design {Logo, Lead Magnet, Infographic, etc.}, Content {Blog, SEO, Social Media}, Analytics, Security & More

LIMITED OFFER - 5 Spots Only to Work One-on-One with Owner, Starting This Month

The Team Will Get Your Site / Funnel, Automation, Design (Logo, Lead Magnet, Infographic, etc.), Content (Blogs, SEO, Social Media), Analytics, Security, & More….
Ready for Launch (Live Announcement) in Less than 2 Months with an Affordable
Payment Plan of Less Than $297 USD / Month for US Based Individuals

Have a Business Idea?
Passionate to Start A Movement?
What's Holding You Back to Get Started?

You have an idea and are passionate to start a movement by launching a new business online, but are struggling with:

  • not having the right resources (money, people, time), 
  • feeling overwhelmed with the market telling you all the things you need to do to be successful,
  • trying to figure out what to start on first,
  • how to build an online presence,
  • all the tech and parts that is involved,
  • having time to do proper competitive and non-competitive research,
  • creating valuable and quality content,
  • dealing with other parts of the business besides marketing,
  • financial constraints,
  • obtaining work-personal life balance,
  • juggling family and your current full-time work,
  • or maybe out of work and need to get something going, 
  • and more…..

Wondering how to get started?

There are many “gurus” available to teach you a portion of marketing (like, email marketing), so you can do it yourself (DIY), but no one really offering you a team to do it for you (DFY) or do it with you (DWY).

If you do find resources they are virtual assistants then YOU often times need to train them or get training for them (because they are not real experts in specific tools).

Or, there are experts on one topic (web tech), but not a team with various expertise (like – web tech, design, automation, SEO, content, social media).

Or, they are expensive. 

What you need?

You need a team who knows how to get you started.  A team with different expertise that communicates your needs with each other, behind the scene. A team that will get stuff done quickly and can handle your various needs. A team that will guide you through the various steps and stages.

Of course, you can do it all yourself.

But, how long will it take you to become trained and apply some of these basic foundational marketing tools needed?

  • WordPress (plus hosting, backup, security, integrations, etc.)
  • WordPress Plug-Ins (Elementor, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Wordfence, Cloudflare, Social Media Share, etc.)
  • Design Software
  • CRM
  • Automation
  • Forms
  • Social Media Management
  • Funnel tools
  • Google Analytics


Depending on your business model, you might also need to learn:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Memberships


NOTE: these are just the tools, but you need to put in time for competitive research, analytics, content writing, video creation, engaging, nurturing, campaigning, and more….

Thinking about how to pay for services like web design, automation, security, analytics, and digital marketing (content, SEO, email nurture, social media) PLUS the tools?

Obtaining a wide variety of different tactics, strategies, and online tools to help a start-up business idea come to life, can make planning and executing a challenge and stressful for most solopreneurs and newly established small businesses.

Finding an affordable full service company – or one that offers a broad range of services – is hard to come by. 

You have a budget, and find yourself needing to be hands-on to fulfill a range of digital marketing goals and objectives.

Often, you are left trying to manage and delegate tasks to different companies, but then another problem comes along – you don’t know what tasks and direction to give them to launch your project, so you spend thousands of more dollars (and more of the time that you don’t have!) trying to train yourself to learn the different elements – feeling even more overwhelmed and frustrated!

All of a sudden you look back realizing you have spent time and money learning some of the many factors of marketing with no tangible outcome: No Website, No Automated System, No Solid Attractable Content, No Real Business You Can Be Proud to Show-Off! And No Prospect – No Client!


Valeh is a myth-buster and knows how to attract “QUALITY” audience that generate results.

  • She scaled her consulting business, Acolyst, to multi-million dollars without a sales team!
  • A global software company sponsored her to write her book (which ended up being a best-seller). She was also invited to support them on their multi-million-dollar rebranding effort [the largest scope in their history.]
  • The White House, Executive Office of the President, called her for a consulting engagement.
  • She’s been invited as keynote speaker, internationally.
  • Her audience have included IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Sony.
  • She’s been featured in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.
  • Arianna Huffington (founder of Huffington Post) herself said she would “love Valeh to voice” on HuffPost and gave her her own blog column.


All this and much more….WITHOUT a huge following on social media or massive email list.

By building a digital, automated, presence and focusing on positioning her message to her key audience with realistic and achievable goals and metrics.

Valeh Is Giving You A Team to Help You Launch
- PLUS Payment Plan solution!

No More Frustration, Overwhelm, Burnout, or Stress! We Got You!!!

Valeh has been active determining what solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses’ need with digital marketing to launch their dream business.

Connecting the dots, and putting a week-to-week roadmap action plan that deliveres tangible results is key, yet not enough.

So, as a BONUS (with limited spots), Valeh will be providing weekly one-on-one mentoring and coaching throughout the duration of the launch program to only 5 new clients per month.

Meaning, acceptance into the 2 month launch program is based on client application and payment submission received.

Scroll Below to See What You Get!

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Stop feeling lost and frustrated. Engage 2 Engage will help you with a clear marketing roadmap to get your online business launched. We will do the work for you (DFY) to get you to your destination – a place where you are proud to show off and share your message with your community – and the world!

Delegate your automation, web tech, content creation (SEO, blog, social media), and design, with our dedicated digital marketing services team. Because in 2 months, we will help you build a strong, digital, automated, presence so you can focus on positioning your message to your key target market and audience via your new online business.

Here Is What You Get in 2 Months,
Broken Out Week by Week

(Dependent on Your Quick Review and Approval Turnaround)

Week 1 [Onboarding] + [Branding] + [Zoom with Valeh]

During this stage we will go through a discovery period of learning about your dreams, visions, and goals.

We will go through our questionnaire about your customer Persona.

We will learn about your style, and the personality and character you want represented. Plus other details to begin your branding and design.

We will also review the expectation of our two month launch program, what we need from you, what you are accountable for (ideas, quick review, feedback and approvals), and the mentorship and guidance you will be receiving [ONE-on-ONE] from owner, Valeh Nazemoff, throughout.

NOTE: The decisions and approvals will remain yours. We are your extended marketing team. You are the owner of your business.

Engage 2 Engage Persona Worksheets

During this time we will also on-board your site activities: 

  • Activating domain with WordPress (don’t worry if you do not have your domain name yet!)
  • Hosting your site on Engage 2 Engage’s Speed and Security Optimized Servers. This is 100% optional and included.
  • WordPress theme set-up
  • Plug-ins like (Elementor)
  • Add site to our backup management system
  • Add security monitoring plug-ins (like Wordfence & Cloudflare)
  • and more…

Week 2 [Site Pages Design Mock-Up] + [Lead Magnet Design Creation] + [Site Content Overview] + [Review & Approval] + [Zoom with Valeh]

When designing and building a website there is a lot to consider, like:

  • Menu Tabs
  • Layout & Images
  • Content
  • Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
  • Social Media Icons
  • Site Structure for SEO


We will be tailoring and customizing your WordPress theme to your brand style. We will also be communicating with you the different choices and options you have based on your specific needs.

If you choose to want a funnel built instead of a website, we will build and provide you a FREE license of CartFlows Funnel Builder (which is a WordPress Plug-In) as long as you are a client. So no need to purchase licenses. If you prefer other funnel builders like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Thrive, SamCart, etc., let us know.

NOTE: 5 new pages (medium length) is the maximum build for website or funnel pages under this launch program so we can meet our 2 month deadline. 

Client Site Page Theme, Design, Content & CTA Example

For the Lead Magnet, during this week we will design your lead magnet document around the content you desire and approve plus create a display images for the website  We will add the form fields, confirmation message, automations and email welcome message during a later week.

Week 3 [Website / Funnel Creation (5 Pages)] + [Site Content Drafts] + [Review & Approval] + [Zoom with Valeh]

While building your mobile responsive website on WordPress, we will continue adding and setting up additional plug-ins and features like:

  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics for WordPress MonsterInsights
  • Social Media Share Buttons
  • ActiveCampaign Site Tracking


We will begin the process for other tool set-ups like Google Search Console.

We will also be working on the content flow for the site pages and considerations for SEO (menu, headlines, images, etc.)

Client Site with WordPress Plug-In Integrations Example

Week 4 [Form Automation Creation] + [SEO Keyword Research] + [Site Content Edits] + [Review & Approval] + [Zoom with Valeh]

This is the week we dive into the Lead Magnet Form and Automation Process. Here are some of the activities:

  • Email and contact form fields
  • Form design with CTA
  • Credit Card payment info (Stripe)
  • Confirmation message
  • Automate the delivery process
  • Email fulfillment message
  • Upload the lead PDF or other file format to the website
  • Test as system admin and as end-user
Lead Magnet Example

Example of Client Lead Magnet Form Automation - Integrated with CRM Application

Also this week we dive more into SEO. SEO keyword search would involve some competitive research as well as identifying search terms target audience use. NOTE: keyword research is an on-going marketing activity. It is essential to stay up-to-date. Here are some of the activities we will be doing at this stage as it relates to SEO and meaningful keywords:

  • Review business mission, core values, strengths – unique business proposition
  • Addressing your niche brand message
  • Search terms your audience uses
  • Search intent
  • Search volumes
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Benchmarking SEO – competitive analysis
  • Structured data
  • XML sitemaps
  • Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) review
  • Select 5 keywords to proceed with during launch program (you approve the keywords)
  • and other activities

Week 5 [CRM Integration] + [Social Media Set-Up] + [Content Calendar] + [On-Page SEO, SEO Content, Meta Descriptions, Readability, etc.] + [Review & Approval] + [Zoom with Valeh]

This week, we will set-up the CRM tool, ActiveCampaign for your email marketing needs. ActiveCampaign is a tool that can track and grow with you and your business needs evolve. For the CRM tool, we will discuss:

  • Creating segments, audiences, lists, and tagging
  • Setting up automated email nurtures
  • Tracking email metrics

We will also be setting up your social media account and conducting the following activities:

  • Social media account set-up (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Social media banner designs for profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Social media hashtag research (up to 30 keywords)
  • Social media website share buttons and validation testing
  • Content Calendar topic

Client Social Media Banner Design Example

Client Social Media Featured Image and Share Content Confirmation Example

For this week’s 5 page site content, we will be editing and updating for On-Page SEO based on last week’s research. Such activities will include:

  • Meta descriptions with call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Title tags
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Linking
  • Alt text


This week we will also begin creating additional pages beyond the 5 site page limit – these are the SEO blog content, which includes:

  • Creating blog content ideas
  • 2 SEO blog content (400 words each)
  • Link building strategy to grow your site.
  • Format blog post for WordPress
  • Checking for content SEO readability
  • SEO meta descriptions with call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Adding page design 
  • Design banners with Call-to-Action (CTA) – for example calendar booking integration
  • Design and post blogs to WordPress (including banners with CTA)
  • Add approved SEO content to Yoast SEO WordPress Plug-In

Week 6 [Designing, Creating, and Scheduling Social Media Postings] + [Infographic Design] + [SEO Blog Content, Page Design, Meta Descriptions, Readability] + [Review & Approval] + [Zoom with Valeh]

This week we focus on: 

  • Designing, creating content, and scheduling Social Media Posts for Week 7 – these are 3 Social Media Postings Shared Across Facebook and Instagram
  • 2 SEO Blog Content (400 words each) + related activities bulleted from Week 5
  • Design and post blogs to WordPress (including banners with CTA)
  • 1 Infographic design relating to one of the 4 total blogs (length of 5 PPT slides put together)

Client Social Media Content, Hashtag, and Image Posting Example

Week 7 [Email Nurture Automations with CTA] + [Designing, Creating, and Scheduling Social Media Postings] + [Content SEO Revisions] + [Review & Approval] + [Zoom with Valeh]

Here we will be working on 2 email nurtures scheduled (through automation). These will be for those that receive your welcome email after signing up for your lead magnet. You then continue nurturing them for your next call to action (CTA).

This is where we will be working on the next steps you want to nurture and guide your audience in your email list with call-to-actions (CTAs).

Plus, testing the process.

Additionally, we will work on other content related activities, such as:

  • 3 Social Media Postings (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Designing, creating content, and scheduling Social Media Posts for Week 8 – these are 3 Social Media Postings Shared Across Facebook and Instagram
  • Content SEO Revisions and Finalize

Client Email Nurture Automations Example

Week 8 [Assess, Evaluate, Modify, and Elevate Site Performance] + [Audit & Security Review] + [Social Media Posting] + [Transition] + [Zoom with Valeh]

Finally, Week 8!!

Here is where we will be making the final revisions, and testing, testing, and more testing.

The audit and security review of the site will include:

  • Common Security Risks
  • Malware Protection
  • Memory Usage
  • Caching
  • Hosting Environment Evaluation
  • Perform Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
  • and more…

In addition to your final Zoom with Valeh during this Launch Program:

  • 3 Social Media Postings (Facebook and Instagram)

We will also be helping you with your next step post launch program that we would have discussed and agreed to in prior weeks.

You are READY to Celebrate and Announce Your Launch!

Client Site Security & Performance Result Example

Our Team & Activities Behind The Scene

Engage 2 Engage Launch Team

Proud of our diverse project and results driven team who are certified and trained experts on various, yet specific, tools and platforms. Some members of my team include:

  • Talented US Based Copywriters [they write content in American English for website, blogging, and social media]
  • Rock Star Graphic Designers
  • Persistent Web Tech and Integration Experts
  • Determined Marketing Automation Experts
  • Thorough SEO and Research Analysts  
  • Proactive Security Experts


Others behind the scene who keep things organized and flowing forward include our awesome client success managers, project and task lead managers, and result analysts.

Our Style:

We have a fast paced, iterative attitude towards tasks. We enjoy the hustle while respecting each other’s expert knowledge and methods.  

We apply the various methodology, framework, formulas, and models from Valeh’s best-selling books and international works to execute our projects – including this launch program.

Valeh Nazemoff, Owner and Launch Program Founder

Valeh has a diverse background where she has fused neuro-psychology, tech automation, and business strategy. She’s best-selling author and international speaker. 

Being an entrepreneur for 19 years and providing program management services to her clients, she has a unique skill to recognize patterns and take the end user journey into account throughout the process.

You will be having one-on-one weekly Zoom meetings with her! The discussions will be about the project tasks and about setting the right business mind and strategy in place to get your message across (after all, she’s an expert on this topic!)

Real-Time Status via Automated Portal

We will set up and communicate with you – real-time status updates – through our Project, Task, Workload, and Communication Management and Platform tool called Monday.com

We have found that Monday.com is the most effective way to keep you, Valeh, the team, the client success and project leaders in the loop and on the same page. The tool provides instant message notification, place to upload and share files, and track progress status. Don’t worry… we will train you on how we use the tool.

We provide you access to the account as a guest (no cost to you!) and progress status updates (real-time!). 

We do this by providing you access to 3 boards within the tool:

  1. Project Goals (ex: your responses to questionnaires)
  2. Weekly task activities and subcategory breakdowns against project goals
  3. Assets (logo, website info (themes, theme builder, etc.), final versions of content, etc.)

Communication Management

In Valeh’s latest book, Supercharge Workforce Communication, she provides effective communication exercises she has used in her projects over the years.

For example, when communicating your ideas around your desired content – you are the business owner. The ideas need to be your own, even though the copywriter will research and write. So, you need to get the vision from your mind, across to the team.

You do this effectively by providing bullets of the flow for how you want your idea presented. Or provide examples of someone’s writing style you like so that it can be modeled from (we do not copy, but we can model a style you like).

One of our favorite tools to communicate and share screen examples is Loom, which is a free screen and video recording software. Because Loom captures voice, it helps the entire team understand the way you are thinking through an idea or process.

And of course, you have the weekly Zoom video meetings with Valeh.

Task Organization

Additionally, in Valeh’s same book, Supercharge Workforce Communication, she has a formula for discussing tasks and projects in an efficient and effective manner. She calls it The 3E Model.

This is how we are able to move fast and get a lot done in a super efficient and effective manner – it is our mindset and the way we collaborate!

Task Review & Acceptance

How can we work on so many tasks per week? 

Because we are experts and not virtual assistants or interns who need training. We have subject matter knowledge on the tools and platforms that we support and thus able to turn around tasks at rapid speed.

That is also why we cannot support every marketing tool out in the market.

Schedule Coordination

Often, the team will be working in parallel to bring weekly tasks to life.

For example, the lead magnet task involves the web tech, design, automation, and content team to be working individually on their own, yet it is an integrated task that needs to come together, be tested, then approved to come alive.

Schedule coordination, communication, and focus is important.

Communicating Feedback

The way feedback is provided is imperative.

Our ability to work quickly and achieve your desired result is highly dependent on how well we communicate and receive feedback from you.

For example, if you provide self-care insights to those aged 50+, and based on your persona questionnaire we provide images related to your target audience, yet you decide to have a specific site page post for females only, please provide that updated info to us. 

Don’t just say “I don’t like the image” – provide us more details (ex: change this because X, or update this so that X).

We are an extended part of your business and need to learn more about your vision and what goes on in your mind. 

Yes, we are able to create some magic, but often our mind reading skills need confirmation.

Revisit Revision Changes

There are different types of changes and revisions requests that we keep a tracking log throughout (like – esthetics, technical, etc.) Some we detect are necessary (example – plugin or integration issues) and some you uncover.

Each task gets up to 2 revisions for editing when you are providing feedback. This is to help us meet our intense and streamlined timeline. That is why briefing the team – clearly and in detail – your ideas and vision is critical.

However, for tasks that might need a couple of additional revisions because something might have changed along the way, we will mark, monitor, and update as we progress forward through the launch program. 

Example of this might be during the logo design. As can be shown in this video below. The client changed the domain URL, color, and meaning behind the desired intent of the logo. By working in collaboration and receiving quick client feedback and approval, we were able to make the changes and stay within the timeline.

Logo Design Process – Engage 2 Engage Client Example

Timeline Review

Internally, within Monday.com application, we use the timeline project view to manage the tasks within your online business start-up Launch project.

This is how as a team, we collaboratively understand the schedule and review activities. This is how we know we are on track to meet the project deadline. Our team understands the workflow, the time restraints, and who’s in charge of what task (and when that task is due).

This is how we track important details so they are not missed. And this is how we can confidently sleep at night knowing we are on track.

Goals & Metrics Review

Goal setting is important. Your goal will help us create your roadmap to help you get there. 

During your Zoom meetings with Valeh you will be discussing your goals for different stages (this Launch Program, 3 Months from now, 6 Months from now, long term goals, etc.)

Valeh has written a few articles to help align with your goals. Access them here and scroll towards the middle of the page.

To know if you are on track for meeting your goals you need to measure, have metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you are making progress. 

Valeh will also discuss with you performance measures to track during your Zoom meet. 

Launch Preparation

This is the super exciting part. Where butterflies are in your stomach – where you need to remind yourself to breathe and you are almost ready to launch.

Behind the scenes we will be cross checking to make sure we are aligned with your message. We will be checking for consistency. We will be testing and reconfirming everything is set for the count down ready moment!

Celebrating Launch Ready

Right before the launch announcement it is important for you to take a moment to celebrate this milestone. 

This is proof to yourself that you can overcome many fears, obstacles, and excuses and finally bring your message, your movement, your passion to life.  So Celebrate It!!

We will be celebrating with you and for you!!

Launch Announcement Time

This is it! The moment has arrived!

Everything is in place and you are ready to “virtually” open the doors!

The moment to share your message, offering, movement, passion project with the community and world!

Total Launch Program Cost is $6,000

Meaning for 2 Months (320 Hours)
the Expert Team Costs $18.75 USD Per Hour!

(Team Not Individual Person!)

You have 2 Payment Options

Launch Program Payment Options

* Limited Time Offer. Price Subject to Increase.

Fill Out Form Below to Reserve Your Spot
& Get Started NOW!

Begin the Payment Plan Application Process Now
to Get the Onboarding Questionnaire Started

Payment Plan Application Process

Obtain Pre-Approval & The Loan – Fill out a short qualification application (takes about 2 minutes) to get pre-approved for financing.

A soft credit will be pulled during this  process which has zero effect on your credit reports.

Immediately upon submission, you will receive multiple offers from our partners with varying loan rates (starting at 5.99%), loan terms (12-60 months), fixed monthly payments, and loan amounts, even if you have a credit score of 580.

Then choose the offer that best fits your needs and proceed to fill out your loan documents online requested by the lender. This process takes approximately 5 minutes. At this time your credit is pulled (hard credit pull). Loan can be paid off at any time with zero pre-payment penalty. Your monthly payments is based on the selected terms you choose.

NOTE: The payment of $297 USD/month or less is based on a range from average to great credit. Actual monthly payments may be lower or higher depending on your credit profile and term you select.

Funds Arrive – You will receive the funds within 24-72 hours direct deposited into YOUR checking account.

(The 24-72 hour timeframe depends on the time you apply, or if it is a weekend or holiday.)

Transfer Funds for Service to Begin – Once you receive the funds, we will send you an invoice where you can send an ACH or debit card payment with no transfer or processing fee to us for our full services fee of $6,000 USD.

Once confirmed, we immediately proceed with the on-boarding process, get the team ready to perform the services, and get you scheduled for a Zoom meet with Valeh Nazemoff!

Cancellations – We understand lifestyles change and situations happen. We will be saddened to see you go.

Our goal has always been to help you get more value out of our services, but if you truly need to cancel, you can cancel at any time by contacting the team at [email protected]

**PLEASE NOTE: For this Launch Program, account cancellations will take effect immediately and we will halt all work. More notes in the FAQ section.


For this launch program we offer a 10-day risk-free money back guarantee 

(Minus 10% [$600 USD] Non Refundable Set-Up Fee)

*Cancellations beyond the initial 10-day risk-free money back period are not subject to refund.


Please find below answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Our Graphic Design experts work in platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, and Canva.

Their job is to create and manipulate images, format PDF documents, and in general help you make your marketing look more professional and visually appealing.

Some of the activities during this Launch Program will include:

  • Site design images like Blog Post Feature Image, Banners, Footer Widget Graphic, Landing Page mockup, Funnel Page mockup, and more.
  • Social Media graphics
  • Digital material – PDFs, lead magnets, worksheets, email newsletters, infographics / flyers, and more
  • Business brand style – logos and style guides
For your start-up launch site, you do not need to purchase the additional license upgrades. The upgrades can be purchased at a later point in time as you grow your business and have needs. For this launch program here are the free web tools and plug-ins we will be using:
  • WordPress
  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • Cloudflare
  • Wordfence
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Forminator
  • Zoom
  • Appointlet
  • Social Media Share Buttons
  • MonsterInsights
  • Google Search Console, Trends, etc.

There are tools that are not free and you would need to get which Engage 2 Engage will pay for as long as you are enrolled as a client of ours:
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Cartflows
  • Gravity Forms

During this launch program you can expect the weekly tasks outlined above in the section titled “Here Is What You Get in 2 Months, Broken Out Week by Week” to be provided during this program.

What you should not expect is the number of social media likes, followers, or shares.

You should also not expect the number of email leads.

This program is about setting up your online business. We have other programs to help you promote, convert, and more. 

During your Zoom meeting with Valeh, you can discuss current situation, resources, and your goals.

For example, if you are not looking to hire employees for another few months, then your probably don’t need to engage with an HR company, however, Valeh will review what you need to consider (handbook, payroll, benefits, training, etc.) and make some recommendations.

If you are unsure of your business name and do not have a domain identified yet, then you probably need to address that before you engage legal / accounting to set-up your paperwork and EIN, etc.. Otherwise, you will need to do a rework with legal / accounting. These are discussions you can have with Valeh.

When it comes to website compliance like Cookies, Privacy Policy, GDPR / CCPA, etc., Valeh will share when she will need that information from you to have the team add it to your site. How do you get that information? She will also discuss with you.

This launch program is to help get your online business set-up. However, Valeh has been in business for over 19 years and has helped countless people set-up their business over the years. Her passion is to help people launch the right way. So, she can guide you, provide recommendations, and more, depending on your direction. 

During Weeks 4-6, you will have various discussions with Valeh regarding transition.

Valeh can transition you into a customized or tailored plan from her current Pendant, Pearl, Platinum Programs.

She can craft something specific just for you based on your near term goals that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Our goal at Engage 2 Engage is to make sure you are maintaining consistency with your content (blogs, social media, email campaigns / nurtures / etc.) and have systems in place that are automated and secure.

And of course having us as your resource to help you grow your programs, offers, message, movement, passion, and whatever it is that you want to share with the community and world!

You will need to provide us access, as a user with proper permissions, to Google Analytics and the tracking code so we can measure the site visitor’s journey and account for the various metrics. Click here for the steps to set-up Google Analytics account, grant Engage 2 Engage permission and tracking code.

You will receive reports that will detail how your website performed regarding:

  • Traffic analytics
  • Loading speed
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Security attacks thwarted
  • SEO
  • Uptime

Our general means of communication is through email [[email protected]] and inquiry form found here.

As a signed-up member of our Launch Program, your Client Success Manager (CSM) will communicate with you in our Project, Task, and Workload Management tool called Monday.com

As a way for the CSM and team to gain insight into your project goal we give you access to 3 boards within the tool:

  1. Project Goals
  2. Task submission and breakdowns against project goals
  3. Assets (logo, website info (themes, theme builder, etc.), final versions of content, etc.)


We are also a big fan of Loom.

You will have frequent progress and training meetings with owner, Valeh Nazemoff, via Zoom Meet.

Because we consider ourselves an extension of your team, your marketing team, and we need to move really fast with regards to setting up your marketing start-up launch initiative, we have found it best to have an email created specific for us with your domain. For example, [email protected]

We will cover the monthly license cost for the Gmail account.

There are many activities we need to verify during set-up like Google Search Console.

There are many testing we need to do to verify proper routing. For example, email automation from lead magnet sign up. 

We also need to schedule and send out your social media postings.

We will keep all of your account information within the Monday.com communication platform which you will have access to.

Plus, if you wish, we will also add passwords to a new created LastPass account for you. 

With this Gmail account, should you ever need us to hand over the account to you, you just need to change the Gmail and LastPass passwords – that way you are not spending time, energy, and effort trying to figure out all the accounts to change over, and everything continues to run smoothly for you.

Our goal is for you to be operational, grow, thrive, and succeed!! Regardless if we are doing business together or not – we want to continue cheering you on in your journey forward!

During onboarding your site, we will add your site onto our own backup and management system. 

This is for your site’s safety and security while we work on your Website tasks. 

Having our own backup assures you that anything should happen while working on a web task, we can do a quick fix.
It allows us to track what was the root cause, where the error came from. This is helpful to avoid from happening again in the future.

During this launch program, your website will be hosted on Engage 2 Engage’s Speed and Security Optimized Servers, unless you advise otherwise. This is 100% optional and included in this launch program.

Speed and security of your WordPress site is critical in businesses today. Often the biggest factor in security and performance of a site is related to the hosting provider.

That is why we include hosting as a complimentary bonus in this program to those who meet the requirements.

What are the requirements?

  • Website must be WordPress
  • Total website size (including database and files) must be less than 1 GB
  • Domain is not to be used for email. It should use a 3rd party (non-hosted) email server like Office365 or Google Workspace.


What hosting provider do you recommend outside your program?

You aren’t forced to use our hosting; we can work with any hosts that can provide us FTP access and a control panel (commonly CPanel) to change settings and access your database.

If you are looking to change hosts and aren’t eligible for our hosting or for some other reason you don’t wish to host with us, our recommended WordPress hosts are SiteGround and WP Engine.

Site Ground is best for the budget sensitive. This one is well priced and offers good hosting services.

WP Engine provides top performance and optimized speed for WordPress hosting. 

Regardless of your hosting decision, your sites are monitored 24/7 for downtime

Most downtime events on a website are related to a hosting issue. We monitor your websites online/offline status 24 hours 7 days a week and receive alerts when an issue occurs.

If we see an issue recurring with constant downtimes and then uptimes again shortly after, we start a dialog with your hosting company on your behalf to investigate the issues before making a recommendation.

If a downtime occurs and your site is still down, you should definitely report it to us, but there’s a good chance we are already aware and working behind the scenes on a fix.

Your site is regularly evaluated and optimized for performance improvements

As the speed of internet increases, advanced elements that uses more data increases. The transfer of data causes the performance speed to decrease, which results in dissatisfied prospects, which results in conversion rates to go down.  

For businesses to remain profitable, website load speed needs to be fast.

Our security expert team are regularly evaluating your websites for ways to improve performance. That may be changing a setting on your hosting, it may be recommending a different plugin, it may even mean recommending switching to a new host provider (like Engage 2 Engage Speed and Security Optimized Servers).

We will continue to evaluate without bothering you, as we know how busy you are. We will notify you if we need your permission on changing a plugin or suggesting a change in host settings, etc.

Yes! Our website security tech experts take cybersecurity, risk management, and vulnerability testing seriously. Our goal is keeping your website safe and secure. As long as you are our client, we update your plugins, themes, and check for security issues while cleaning up virus infections too.

We are experts in server configurations and troubleshooting issues when a plugin or theme update breaks and much more.

How do we take proactive measures?

  1. Your website is being backed up every day to an offsite secure server. Backups for your website are the insurance that if something goes wrong it can be rebuilt quickly and easily. That’s why every single day your website is being backed up offsite to our secure servers.

How does your backup reduce performance load to minimize impact to user experience and conversions?

Our backup platform backs up only the last changes, rather than a full back up every time. This minimizes the time it takes to create a backup which reduces performance load on the website and makes for smaller backup files to be transferred offsite.

How do you avoid data loss?

Some backups roll back the server to the point in time at the backup point. This causes losing all files and data that changed after that backup point. For example, you would lose new users, new order entries, form submission records, blog posts, etc…

Our approach is different. Our backups allow us to restore individual database tables or individual files that have changed, making our restores more precise. Our method helps avoid data loss.

If we need to restore a specific plugin, a specific version of a file, or a specific page, etc., we easily can.

Note: We fix rather than restore in many cases. Once we evaluate what has changed between each backup and know where the problem started, we can backtrack what database tables or files changed to find the issue and fix that specific issue. This avoids the need to restore the site at all in many cases.

  1. We research, test, and update your WordPress and Plugin updates. WordPress is a great platform due to its flexibility of installing new plugins to add features.

The problem with this is if you don’t keep them up to date, they can have vulnerabilities and compatibility issues, just like software on your phones and computers.

If left not updated, these vulnerabilities can allow hackers to gain access to your site and bring it down or install viruses on your visitors’ computers. (That’s not good for business!)

Our approach to updates is different…

Before we roll out any new WordPress update, our security team first research for conflicts with your installed plugins to minimize the chance of a breakage occurring after the update.

Once research is conducted, if an update is approved, the update is manually done and monitored the whole way allowing for troubleshooting and quick restores when, and if, necessary.

Our security team regularly scans your site for plugins with updates needed, then we research the updates to see if any of them have patch known security vulnerabilities, and if they do, we then roll out the update within 48 hours of detection.

This means your site is never left vulnerable to a known security hole from an outdated plugin.

Our focus is on ensuring security of your website, over functionality enhancements, which is why you may see some updates left waiting for a few months.

As mentioned, before any plugin update that contains a fix for a known security vulnerability is updated within 48 hours of its release, we do this to ensure your site is kept protected.

Then for other plugin updates that are more feature based rather than security or compatibility, these get scheduled for review each month for research and testing before being updated to avoid site breakages.

We do research and testing. Once our head of security has signed off on an update is it allowed to be updated. Why? This is because many updates can in fact introduce new security vulnerabilities, or break existing functionality due to compatibility issues or poor coding in themes etc.

If you see a plugin not updated for a few months, it likely means the plugin has a compatibility issue or our research has us wanting to hold off on the update.

NOTE: If we do detect a plugin having vulnerability issues with a specific version, we will bring it to your attention to decide if you want to update the plugin (usually you have to pay an additional fee to the plugin software company) or change to another plugin option. Our tech team can provide some options and suggestions best for your scenario.

Disclosure: we use the paid versions for both Wordfence and Cloudflare. Why both? Well my security web expert explained it best:

Wordfence keeps your website safe (if there are already malware or infection embedded on the system)
Cloudflare keeps hackers from testing and penetrating your websites for exploits
Laymans term and example:
Wordfence = is your medicine and cure against COVID
Cloudflare = this would be your vaccine and your vitamin C

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Why we don’t recommend clicking “Update All” is because 20% of the time something might break or introduces a new security vulnerability that gets the site hacked.

  1. 94% of the time we’ll detect a hacker and prevent them from hacking your site.

Unfortunately, sometimes hackers get through. We’ll fix the issue without you even knowing. Of course, we will send you an email letting you know we fixed the problem.

If you do notice the issue before we do, send us a notice to stop the hacker, and we will work on immediately getting the site cleaned.

NOTE: Advanced security plugins might be necessary to prevent new hacking techniques. If they are, we will notify you if there is a plugin in fee that you will have to pay the software company for.

  1. Why rely on Engage 2 Engage and why you shouldn’t do it yourself?

Look, you absolutely CAN do it yourself (or have one of your staff members do it).

You can also do your taxes and your electrical wiring yourself too. Absolutely!

Yet wouldn’t it be easier to delegate it to the experts who do this all day every day?

You and your team can stay focused on high value activities you are experts in, and sleep soundly knowing your online business is protected.

We’ve also found that most businesses who say they will do this themselves, don’t do it on a regular basis to mitigate the business risks, and then lack the skills to troubleshoot when something does go wrong. They lose data and files, which means losing new users, new order entries, form submission records, and more.

Absolutely! You always retain all ownership rights to the website, content, and design contained within your site.  

That is also why we chose to build websites with WordPress.

If (in a very unlikely event) you decide to take your website elsewhere, it’s very simple to migrate your website to a new hosting platform.

We’re not interested in holding anyone captive.

We understand lifestyles change and situations happen.  We will be saddened to see you go.

Our goal has always been to help you get more value out of our services, but if you truly need to cancel, you can cancel at any time by contacting the team at [email protected]

**PLEASE NOTE: For this Launch Program, account cancellations will take effect immediately and we will halt all work. 

Keep in mind before canceling:

After you cancel, your WordPress website you have us managing will no longer be backed up, or pro-actively managed and protected by our security expert team.

This could potentially leave you vulnerable to attacks from hackers, viruses and your staff or users who might break things.

We DO NOT recommend simply canceling and not having someone else (maybe you) in charge of keeping your WordPress plugins, themes, and core software up to date and protected. We also DO NOT recommend leaving your site without a backup solution in place.


For this launch program we offer a 10-day risk-free money back guarantee (minus $600 USD Non Refundable Set-Up Fee)

*Cancellations beyond the initial 10-day risk-free money back period are not subject to refund.

Refunds can take up to 10 days to appear on your card after they’ve been issued, depending on your bank.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Engage 2 Engage is a US based company and bills in USD. Currently we are providing this launch program and payment plan option for US based individuals.

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Here's More of What You'll Get

E2E Launch Program Tools


We will work with you on the following items (and don’t worry if you don’t have any of these yet – we will guide and do the set-up with you):

  • Domain name
  • Hosting your site on Engage 2 Engage’s Speed and Security Optimized Servers. This is 100% optional and included.
  • G-suite for emails
  • DNS records
  • Site connected to the right Google MX records


For the theme builder we will be using WordPress Astra for Elementor version because we have found that it is more compatible with other plug-ins and has less security issues –  [we will guide you on selecting a theme style you desire]


Behind the scenes, our team has a lot to do, like:

  • Set-up communication portal via Monday.com application – and granting you access
  • Connecting your website to backup and WordPress management system
  • Website security and site audit task to further secure and/or improve your site’s security.  [NOTE: we will conduct a thorough site audit after the website is built – at the end of this launch program]


Based on your goals for your target market and audience, we will breakdown and discuss the path for:

  • creating and capturing attention, leads, and engagement
  • why people will be visiting your site (your unique value proposition),
  • how to attract – then connect and convert,
  • crafting your brand message,
  • sharing your message (blogging, social media)
  • Call-to-actions (CTAs), and more


Read, How Call to Actions (CTAs) Optimize Conversion in Your Marketing

Web Tech and Automation


  • Logo design
  • Favicon image
  • Lead magnet / opt-in offer document


What are lead magnets?lead magnet is a marketing tool that provides a site visitor with some incentive in exchange for personal contact information. Here is more info (don’t worry we will craft ideas with you, design it for you, and have the process digitally automated!)


Here are a few blogs for some of the items we will be covering under this launch program to help get your project going on the right track:


At Engage 2 Engage we have the mindset for how the conversational content should flow and the design to appeal to maximize customer engagement and conversion. Click here to read our approach and reasoning to which should come first: content or design.

Additionally, here is another insightful blog: Communicating Site Design Elements with Clarity


Content needs to be forward thinking to drive organic traffic. To drive more traffic based on target audience search, you want to focus on conversation search phrases in addition to SEO best practices. At Engage 2 Engage, we use a blend of both SEO best practices and conversation search techniques during content planning.

Here are a few blog articles that describes our methods:


In addition to all the research we already mentioned we would be conducting in Week 4 and putting into place after, Valeh will be discussing SEO expectation on your weekly Zoom call.

After launch, focus on climbing to higher rankings step by step and try to increase your marketing budget along the way.

For example, if after launch you are on page two in Google search and want to do a competitive analysis with the number one, there is probably a lot to gain. But you should probably accept the fact that your rankings will go up step by step, and that the high-ranking web pages, depending on the keywords, might have a higher marketing budget than you to back their ranking strategies. 

NOTE: if your website is ranking number six, it’s easier to climb to five or four first and then target the top three. Again, that top three probably has the marketing budget to go all out, where your immediate neighbors in rankings are struggling like you. Beat them first; it’s easier. Having said that: if you have the opportunity to dethrone number one, two, or three, of course, go ahead and do so.

Post launch, SEO and ranking on Google search is an on-going activity. Here are some quick step by step strategy tips to higher ranking:

  • As a small business, start with a big set of long-tail keywords which have little traffic and can rank for more easily.
  • Then step-by-step work yourself up the rankings.
  • Gain some SEO authority.
  • Then start optimizing for more general keywords and your own niche keywords that target audience will be searching for.


NOTE: long-tail keywords are more specific and less commonly searched for than head keywords. Long-tail keywords focus on a niche. The longer and more specific search terms are, the easier it will be to rank for them since there will be less competition.

Even though there are less people searching for these terms, they might be more motivated to take action on your call-to-action (CTA) link or button.


We will set up ActiveCampaign site tracking. Once you have contacts in your CRM, you can track the web pages on your site and user behaviors triggered on a page by your contact.

Site tracking shows you which pages on your website were visited by the contacts.


Here is a standard way to create a 5 page funnel with an order form:

  1. Lead Magnet Page
  2. Written Sales Letter (WSL) Page
  3. Order Form Page
  4. Upsell Page
  5. Thank You Page

Here is a standard way to create a 5 page funnel with a booking calendar consultation:

  1. Lead Magnet Page
  2. Written Sales Letter (WSL) Page
  3. Booking Calendar Page
  4. Application Form Page
  5. Thank You Page

Throughout there are several activities that need to be taken care of, like:

  • Email Fulfillment Message
  • Integrate with ActiveCampaign CRM
  • Set-up Stripe – Payment Processing tool
  • Create Display Image of the Lead Magnet 
  • Build Lead Magnet Form
  • Set-up the Lead Magnet Information and Upload to WordPress
  • Booking Calendar Integration
  • Build Order or Application Form
  • Set-up Tracking Tool
  • Testing


Adding plug-ins to your WordPress website properly requires more work than just installing and activating.

For example, you want to track and monitor the performance of your SEO content with how it is doing on Google Analytics, right?

Or, maybe you are interested in the Amazon Associates (affiliate) program. Well, even though you do not physically have the products, the process for the order to take place using your affiliate code would need you to set up using the WooCommerce eCommerce plug-in tool for WordPress. It is a free tool, but it needs services (manual work) to set-up the product information.

What you need based on your goals will be discussed during your Zoom meet with Valeh.


There are WordPress forms we have tested that has several features that you can expand your needs into with zero to minimal cost – Forminator and Gravity Forms.

These two forms integrate well with ActiveCampaign CRM tool.

There is the Elementor Pop-Up Form that we use and integrates well with ActiveCampaign.

And ActiveCampaign has its own form as well that we use too.

Different forms have different features that we will guide you on based on your desired needs – pointing out the pros and cons.

After trying several other form types in the market, these are the forms we use in-house to help accommodate our growing needs at a very low cost.

Here is what you get during this launch program:

  • Set-up form fields
  • Automation and workflow set-up within the form
  • Embed form on a WordPress landing page
  • Set-up form confirmation message
  • Set-up form email fulfillment message
  • Set-up form integration with ActiveCampaign
  • Set-up Stripe Payment Processing information
  • Set-up reCAPTCHA

Here is additional information:


Valeh loves using this in her other consulting services business. Everything is automated and seemless. People visit her WordPress website. She uses Appointlet for her calendar and integrates it with Zoom. Confirmations and reminders are automated too.

If you are looking to do consulting, and want this set up, here is what you get:

  • Set-up booking calendar
  • Integration with your Google calendar
  • Embed calendar on a WordPress landing page (if desired)
  • Set-up cancellations and rescheduling within calendar system
  • Integrate calendar system with Zoom – system will auto send links to your calendar and the prospect / client.
  • Testing as 2 roles – system admin and end user.


We will work on a content calendar strategy with you to get you going. This is for your site blogs, email marketing campaign, and social media.

Here I have a few blogs with more insight:


Social media following and engagement is best when the connection is authentic. What should you be paying attention to track your campaign, for growth, and expansion?

The end goal target metric of your social media activities should be realistic and aligned with your vision. Is the number of followers more important than the conversion rate? What data do you want to track? Maybe it is to drive awareness and thus impressions, reach, and shares are important.


To get your organic brand awareness going, we will research and discover up to 30 trending hashtags and start leveraging hashtags on social media.

Keep in mind that nothing beats engagement. Post launch have a plan to be more “social”.

These are discussions you can have with Valeh during your Zoom meets based on your goals.


During this program we will help you launch and get the momentum going for social media posts.

Why do we have 2 weeks of social media postings before launch?

Because imagine someone visiting a blank canvas after you make your announcement or going to an art gallery and the canvas is white – the artist hasn’t posted any paintings yet. 

We want people to visit your “art” after you make your announcement.

You will receive a total of 6 unique postings (3 postings per week x 2 weeks) on 2 different platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

Here are a few blog articles that describes some of our approach:

Final Testing Verification Before Launch


Establishing the foundation for your brand awareness is our focus.

With content, SEO, automation, design appeal, and more.

  • Website content (includes blogs)
  • Social media content
  • Email nurture content

Here is where we will be making the final revisions, and testing, testing, and more testing.

Example, when we test form and lead magnet automation, we test as 2 different profiles – admin and end user.

We test the system (tech and automation) and we test from the end user view, appeal, satisfaction, and journey.

The audit and security review of the site will include:

  • Common Security Risks
  • Malware Protection
  • Memory Usage
  • Caching
  • Hosting Environment Evaluation
  • Perform Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
  • and more…

Remember, your work is not done. Consistency of your brand message to attract and convert is important.

We are here throughout the various stages of your journey!

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More Dancing Time

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Reflecting How To Elevate The Experience

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Google SEO Ranking
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Project iterative cycle

Communicating and updating – client style appeal and desire



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Testing automation of form, lead magnet, and XXXX


We test as 2 users (admin and end user).

We test the system (tech and automation) and we test from the end user view and journey.


Learn how to

stay competitive

while marketing your brand and message…
when you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise!