Persona: Needed to Create Your Ideal Client Avatar, so that the Right Content Reaches a Niche Pool of Potential Customers to Have Better Conversions

To craft a message to your targeted audience that will drive results, you need to first align yourself with what your goals are. Determine the intention for the desired outcome.

Understanding the persona of your target market and audience will help you create the right content to reach a niche pool of potential customers. The kind of potential customers to have conversations that connects and engages.

Here on this page, I am giving you for FREE, 5 worksheets that will help you craft your message by engaging your business mind.

The first worksheet, Business Goal Vision, is to help you gain clarity on your goals.

When you are clear what your business goals are, gathering the intelligence of the types of customers you want and need to attract will become easier and more aligned. We do this by understanding your customer’s persona. But first, you need to determine your goal.

In my best-selling book, The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind, I share how to capture Customer Intelligence where understanding and visualizing customer persona is key to aligning with your goals and your brand and market message.

  • What is Customer Persona?

In today’s competitive market, understanding who your customers are is crucial for success. Personas are the most effective way to bringing customer segmentation to light. Personas are creating a profile summary of your target audience’s demographics, psychographics, and behaviors, which might include their interests, hobbies, frustrations, concerns, motivations, desires, what they value, are influenced by, their goals, and more. This becomes your ideal client avatar.

It also helps you get clear with what customers you do not want to attract. These questionnaire worksheets will help you uncover valuable insights.

The second worksheet, Demographic Data Customer Intelligence Research, is about the demographic data which helps you segment into more refined subcategories. This collects quantifiable data like age, gender, income, education, and location. It paints a basic picture of your customers.

The third worksheet, Psychographic Data Customer Intelligence Research, dives deeper, exploring interests, hobbies, lifestyle, values, and motivations. It helps you understand the ‘why’ behind your customers’ actions. It helps you gain a better vision of what they are like. What interests and motivates them that drives results? What are they frustrated or fearful about? What do they desire and hope for? What are their roadblocks and struggles?

The fourth worksheet, Behavioral Data Customer Intelligence Research, looks at purchasing patterns and behavior, frequency of events, how buyers research to discover what they want and need, how they are influenced, and how they take the next steps. It reveals how your potential customers could interact with your offering.

Once you’ve gathered data, the next step is understanding and visualizing it. This is where your buyer persona (also known as ideal client avatar) takes shape. Your buyer persona isn’t just a collection of data points – it’s a representation of your ideal customer. Give them a name, a face, and dive into their aspirations, challenges, and preferences.

  • Why a Targeted Message to Your Customer Persona Will Drive Better Results?

Armed with your buyer persona, you can tailor your marketing strategies. Address their pain points, offer solutions, and connect on a personal level. By getting to the heart of your customer persona, you can then dive deeper into answering questions that will help you target your message for better conversion, like:

  • What brands do they interact with?
  • What are they trying to accomplish in their personal and professional life?
  • What does a successful outcome look like for them?
  • What challenges do they face that you can help them overcome?

The fifth worksheet, Message Launch Homework, is putting it all together. Connecting your goals with customer persona that crafts your message!

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Customer Journey Map

Crafting a customer journey map is important because then you can address your values and can highlight solutions to their problems at different touchpoints based on user thoughts.

Throughout the customer mapping journey, the dedicated team at Engage 2 Engage uses Valeh Nazemoff’s proven formula that has been utilized and incorporated on major projects with multi-million/billion-dollar international companies.

An example of this is when Valeh converted a lead into a $3.18 million dollar opportunity 5 days after launching a targeted niche brand campaign message.

This was positioned strategically and organically

Disclaimer: Results are not typical and involves many factoring elements to get high results like this.

At Engage 2 Engage, we determine your goal based on your identified target market and audience to create and capture attention, leads, and engagement at the different stages of your user marketing journey. We do this through content, automation, and other strategy techniques.

Our goal is to increase your month-to-month performance and drive marketing results.

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