CRM, Email Nurtures and Campaigns, Lead Magnets, and Forms

Keeping your leads engaged throughout the process of helping them finalize their decision to take you up on your offering in an integral part of the automation and customer relationship management (CRM) integration steps.

Email marketing and CRM will keep that line of communication open and seamless. Automating helps avoid hiccups that might have them turn away before making their final decision. It helps you be active and visible.

Invite them to take action. 

One of the best ways to move potential customers into that decision stage is through email nurtures. This is where you send out personalized emails that develop a relationship with the lead. The more targeted and personalized you can make the email nurture, the more effective it will be

Do you segment your email contacts? Organizing your contact list can help you tailor campaigns and convert leads.

Does this all seem too complicated or time-consuming? 

Great news! We at Engage 2 Engage make it easy!

Here on this page, we share about CRM, email marketing, lead magnets, forms, and automation needs.

Below we give you tips PLUS ways you can outsource and delegate to improve your lifestyle (which is the core philosophy of our business model)!

Tips & Infographics

Understanding how to gain an audience and maintain that audience’s attention can feel like a puzzle at times. What can you do to ensure interest? How can you inspire and engage leads to decide to sign-up for your services and offer?

✅ Be Consistent and Patient ✅ Make Use of Text Messaging but Approach with Caution ✅ Maximize Brand Presence

✅ Capitalize on Email Marketing

Don’t worry! Below are tips and infographics of the main highlights for what needs to be focused on to get you started.

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Outsource & Delegate Automation Activities

If you don’t have the resource or time, I’ve got the answer. We DO the work FOR YOU (DFY).

Our team of experts here at Engage 2 Engage can help with your CRM, email nurtures and campaigns, lead magnets, forms, and other automation needs.

There is an option below that costs less than minimum wage.

BONUS: for US businesses, good news – per the IRS, marketing services are 100% tax deductible!

Removing Barriers with "Tech" and "Time"

Entrepreneurs and small businesses need marketing expert services team to help with “tech” and “time” – which are 2 main things that small businesses struggle with!

My goal is to take away the overwhelm, frustration, and stress feeling of trying to figure it out and give you results. By delegating, you will have time to do the things you are actually meant to do.

Below is a video of our done-for-you (DFY) services for our CRM, email nurtures and campaigns, lead magnets, forms, and other web tech and automation programs.

Pricing Info to Get Started

The pricing is straightforward. For our web tech and automation, we have a program tier called Pendant. If you want to add content and copywriting (US writers) that program is called Pearl.

See below for more information.

Process Steps to Get Started With Us


Behind the scenes, our team has a lot to do, like:

  • Set-up communication portal via application – and granting you access
  • Working on a questionnaire survey with you to get to know you and your business brand and overall vision and goals
  • Obtaining admin access to your accounts (ex: WordPress)
    • NOTE: if you don’t have it set-up yet, don’t worry, we do it for you!


We will work with you on understanding the persona of your target market and audience.

Plus we will review your target market and audience.

Then, align it all to your goals.


Learn how to

stay competitive

while marketing your brand and message…
when you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise!