Partnering Relationship

I’m big on partnership relationships! Great news for you – there are 2 ways to Partner with my company, Engage 2 Engage.

First is White Labeling my services solution. Meaning you can resell my services under your brand, and my team will work under your brand when delivering services for your clients. All you do is add (mark up) your fees on top of my current fees and resell to your client. You can add your specific services and bundle sell them too. Watch the video below about White Labeling.

The second is Referral based. This is where you make passive income – every month. So, when a client signs up for a monthly service, you get paid your referral fee on a month-to-month basis as long as they remain a client and are continuing to receive services. Subscription based services are ideal. Watch video below!

The beauty of this is that you Mark Up! The more active client engagements you have on a monthly basis, the more income and profit you make. $$$$$$

Founder has 20+ Years Experience with White Labeling & Mark-Ups

Our founder, Valeh Nazemoff, has been in the government contracting industry for more than 20 years offering services with her other business, Acolyst. So, white labeling, reselling, mark ups are nothing new.

In government contracting, reselling, mark-ups and margins are very common. This applies in IT and construction contracting.

The multiple layers of businesses involved to deliver to the end customer in government contracting, is also very common.

Additionally, a small business offering their services (or even bundling) with another small business, under their brand, like a white label, is also common in the government contracting space.

Our Services Delivery Cost is Much Lower Than Industry Standard

An example is this... In the past, our founder, paid over $7,000 for the 3-minute video that is on her other business' home page, Acolyst. Additionally, in 2023, it was reported that Delaware State spent $50,000 for 6-minute video marketing, social media, print and marketing materials with another company. How much are your end customers spending?

HOWEVER - at Engage 2 Engage, our team creates 45-minutes of AI Video output for $1,600 [or 2 hours for $3,200]. What a price difference, right?
So, can you save the end customer money by helping them reduce cost, while making yourself good profit margin? YES! Now you can. And this is just for 1 of our service offering.

Make sure to watch the White Label video completely to see the price breakdown examples.

The beauty of this is that there is NO CAP! The more you refer, and they sign up, the more passive income you make. $$$$$$

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