Partnering Relationship

I’m big on partnership relationships! Great news for you – there are 2 ways to Partner with my company, Engage 2 Engage.

First is White Labeling my services solution. Meaning you can resell my services under your brand, and my team will work under your brand when delivering services for your clients. All you do is add (mark up) your fees on top of my current fees and resell to your client. You can add your specific services and bundle sell them too.

The second is Referral based. This is where you make passive income – every month. So, when a client signs up for a monthly service, you get paid your referral fee on a month-to-month basis as long as they remain a client and are continuing to receive services.

So, for every $3,000 USD a month single or combined service, you would receive $500 USD a month in passive income.

If you refer 3 clients and each signs up for $3,000 USD a month’s worth of services ($9,000 USD total a month), then you would receive $1,500 USD a month in passive income.

NOTE: if a client signs up for an annual program (client gets 2 months free), then you get the annual rate passive income when the client signs up and pays for it. Example: Pearl program is $3,197 per month for clients (annually $31,970 because they pay for only 10 months), then for the passive income you get $5,328.33 if client selects the annual option.

The beauty of this is that there is NO CAP! The more you refer, and they sign up, the more passive income you make. $$$$$$

Thus, if the dollar amount of combined clients per month is $14,000 USD, then you would receive $2,333.33 USD per month. That means a 1:6 ratio (dividing the client(s) paying total by 6).

This applies to any of our services above $1,500 USD. $1,500 USD is the starting base for the referral payout to begin at $250 USD a month in passive income.

This is an easy number to exceed. For example:

Again, there is NO CAP!!

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