Practicing Big Thinking to Grow and Scale

Thinking BIG and stretching outside of your comfort zone to scale requires practice.
No one likes taking risks and stepping into the unknown.
But what if, through practice, there is a way to achieve innovative breakthroughs that helps you grow your business strong and scale?
Founder, Valeh Nazemoff, has successfully helped large organizations adopt a culture of innovation and expansion.
She helps leaders grow and evolve using meaningful engagements by fusing proven techniques from neuroscience, psychology, cognitive behavior, emotional intelligence and more….
Valeh makes you move actionable goals to reality by keeping them lively, simple, and achievable. While challenging you to get uncomfortable and take committed steps forward!
To be creative with imagination and possibilities.
Three E Model

First, Align with Your Goals

Here are articles helping you focus on what you want to achieve and getting clear.

Next, Practicing the Three E Model™ Formula

Practice how to adopt a BIG thinking creative mindset to engage. Do you want to inspire, impact, and innovate?

Adopting a creative mindset increases your potential towards productivity goals, both personally and professionally.

Additional benefits are:
• enhancing your communication
• connecting dots and recognizing patterns
• understanding how you process information
• becoming a trendsetter
• overcoming change challenges
• balancing overload
• and more….

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Learn how to

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