Attracting Strangers – Awareness Stage [+ Infographic]

It is vital to have a target for who you are trying to attract. Ultimately, what you are selling or offering will likely not be a “one size fits all” appeal. There are groups and demographics that just will not have interest, so do not waste your time attempting to attract them. Instead, you want to attract the right people. You will need to create targeted material for that specific audience.

When it comes to attracting those visitors, the most simple solution is to use social media. Social media has evolved. You can use the power of social media to attract strangers who are interested in your material and create awareness for your website or funnel landing page.

Writing blogs with strong headlines and titles can be a great way to attract initial visits to your website or funnel site. You can also attract visitors with a strong awareness of search engine optimization (SEO) and meta descriptions, which you can check out in the posts below.

Create incentive for people to share your site with their friends, family, and acquaintances. Make it easy for them to share in order to draw in more traffic.

Below are posts providing some thoughts on what to consider as you plan creative ways to attract strangers and draw them to your message.

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