Funnel Marketing

A marketing funnel is a 24/7 automated sales machine that can be created to drive a customer from Point A to Point B to then Point C and so on. For example, from an automated webinar, you can have the prospect sign up for a consultation that is integrated with an online appointment scheduling tool

There are many variations in how to build out a funnel. You can go from a written or video sales letter web landing page (Point A) to directing the prospect to an order form (Point B) or to an event page (Point C) or to a consult booking page (Point D) – or you can include various combinations.

Additionally, you can include one-time offers (OTO), upsells, down sells, thank you next step page, and much more. 

The possibilities are endless and can grant you the freedom you seek. You can have multiple funnels working for you at the same time – even while you are sleeping or on vacation.

Now you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the “tech” involved, or not having the “time” to create the actual funnel flow, content pages, and designs. You can now have a team of marketing content, design, and web development experts to support you throughout the various stages necessary to bring your funnel marketing to life!

Great news! We at Engage 2 Engage make it easy!

YES! You can have a customized, created just for you, funnel marketing, by my own web tech, automation, content, design, and video team.

We create and build with your growth in mind. We do this by first understanding the persona of your target market and audience.

My goal is to remove the “tech” overwhelm and lack of “time” you feel and give you the freedom to enjoy the journey and achieve results. 

Below we give you tips PLUS ways you can outsource and delegate to improve your lifestyle (which is the core philosophy of our business model)!

Funnel Marketing Tips

To build funnels, there are a few tools you need:

Giving your prospects and clients a high-quality experience will give you, and them, high-quality results!

Below are tips on funnel building.

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Here is a standard way to create a 5 page funnel with an order form:

  1. Lead Magnet Page
  2. Written Sales Letter (WSL) Page
  3. Order Form Page
  4. Upsell Page
  5. Thank You Page


Here is a standard way to create a 5 page funnel with a booking calendar consultation:

  1. Lead Magnet Page
  2. Written Sales Letter (WSL) Page
  3. Booking Calendar Page
  4. Application Form Page
  5. Thank You Page


Throughout there are several activities that need to be taken care of, like:

  • Email Fulfillment Message
  • Integrate with ActiveCampaign CRM
  • Set-up Stripe – Payment Processing tool
  • Create Display Image of the Lead Magnet 
  • Build Lead Magnet Form
  • Set-up the Lead Magnet Information and Upload to WordPress
  • Booking Calendar Integration
  • Build Order or Application Form
  • Set-up Tracking Tool
  • Testing

Outsource & Delegate Funnel Marketing Activities

If you don’t have the resource or time, I’ve got the answer.

You have a few options…

Option 1: We can DO the work WITH YOU (DWY), where we do the web tech and automation part (including email autoresponders and payment gateway integrations) while you provide the content and design pieces to add to your funnel pages (ex: lead magnet PDF designed document).

Option 2. We DO the work FOR YOU (DFY). Meaning, in addition to the web tech and automation, we put the funnel content and design elements together for you. This includes written sales letters. In this option, you provide us with the funnel layout flow that you want. 

Option 3: For this level, we do ALL the work. This means we put a funnel marketing strategy plan together, design, and implement the plan. Plus, we can do the AI video sales creation of your funnel step too (where delivery styles include slide packs and screen shares). If you want to do your own video sales recordings, we do offer some video editing at this stage too.

You no longer need to figure out how to integrate everything and put it all together. Our team of experts will help you!

BONUS: for US businesses, good news – per the IRS, marketing services are 100% tax deductible!

Pricing Info to Get Started

The pricing is straightforward.

For our web tech and automation, we have a program tier called Pendant.

If you want to us to do the funnel content and material design for you (ex: lead magnet), that program is called Pearl.

For us to do it all. Meaning putting a funnel marketing strategy plan together, designing, and implementing the plan, coaching you through the process, and more, then the Platinum program is for you. This is the program that gives you freedom!

Present your clients with a high-quality, professional, funnel marketing experience!

See below for more information.

Web Tech and Automation

[It calculates to $9.98 per hour x 160 working hours per month]

Here we will work on your funnel domain, funnel builder, design layout, structure, integrations, and automations. 

We can build and provide you a FREE license of CartFlows Funnel Builder (which is a WordPress Plug-In). The license remains free for as long as you are a client. So no need to purchase licenses. However, if you prefer other funnel builders like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Thrive, SamCart, etc., we do have the expertise to build on those as well.

[It calculates to $19.98 per hour x 160 working hours per month]

With your direction, we will build out your funnel and materials (ex: lead magnet), plus the designs.

We will design your lead magnet document around the content you desire plus capture images to opt-in for the lead magnet.  We will add the form fields, confirmation, fulfillment message, automation, email welcome and next step message, and more.

Here are some of the activities:

  • Email and contact form fields
  • Form design with CTA
  • Credit Card payment info (Stripe)
  • Confirmation message
  • Automate the delivery process
  • Email fulfillment message
  • Upload the lead PDF or other file format to the website
  • Test as system admin and as end-user
Course Content
Lead Magnet Example

Example of Client Lead Magnet Form Automation - Integrated with CRM Application

Marketing Strategy

[It calculates to $29.98 per hour x 160 working hours per month]

Here we will do it all. Including coming up with the funnel strategy direction for you. This is where you are mostly hands-off – unless you want to be involved.

Process Steps to Get Started With Us


Behind the scenes, our team has a lot to do, like:

  • Set-up communication portal via application – and granting you access
  • Working on a questionnaire survey with you to get to know you and your business brand and overall vision and goals
  • Obtaining admin access to your accounts (ex: WordPress, ClickFunnels) to create your training domain.
    • NOTE: if you don’t have it set up yet, don’t worry, we do it for you!


We will work with you on understanding the persona of your target market and audience.

Plus we will review your target market and audience.

Then, align it all to your goals.

Removing Barriers with "Tech" and "Time"

Entrepreneurs and small businesses need marketing expert services team to help with “tech” and “time” – which are 2 main things that small businesses struggle with!

My goal is to take away the overwhelm, frustration, and stress feeling of trying to figure it out and give you results. By delegating, you will have time to do the things you are actually meant to do.


Learn how to

stay competitive

while marketing your brand and message…
when you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise!