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5 Steps Loan Application Process for an Affordable Payment Plan

Engage 2 Engage has partnered with the most advanced financing platform to provide you loans with an affordable payment plan so you can quickly and easily secure the funds you need for our services.

Rates Starting at 5.99%
(Fixed Interest Rates)

12 – 60 Month Terms with Fixed Monthly Payments 

Zero Pre-Payment Penalties Available

Credit Score As Low As 580

Up to 14 Lenders to Choose From

Receive Funds in 24-72 Hours

How It Works…

Step 1 - Qualification to Get Pre-Approved

  • Fill out the short application (takes 2 minutes) to get your loan offers pre-approved.

  • Soft credit pull will have zero effect on your credit reports.

  • Our lenders work with individuals down to a 580-credit score.

  • We work with all credit profiles, including those with challenged credit to help you get more approvals.

  • NOTE: For those with highly challenged credit and even no credit we do have other finance options we can work on if these lenders do not work out.

IMPORTANT: Click HERE for our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fill Out the Pre-Approval
Application and Recommendations
to Help Give You Higher Approval Chance and More
Lender Options!

Step 2 - Choose Offer

  • Once Pre-Approved, you can choose offers presented to you that best fits your needs.
  • The offer you receive from lenders will vary on amounts offered, terms, and monthly payments.
  • You will pay the lender monthly based on the loan terms you accepted

Step 3 - Fill Out Full Lender Application

  • Work directly with lender to fill out the lender’s full application. This process takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • At this time, your credit IS pulled to verify your information (hard credit pull)
  • For filling out the full lender application, they might require some documents like driver’s license, to confirm your identity and information submitted.
  • Collectively, there are many factors that the lenders look for beyond a credit score like:
  • Debt to income ratio
  • Employment history
  • Income (household income)
  • Where you live (and for how long)
  • How recently you have applied for other loans
  • More factors that go into loan approvals and denials

Step 4 - Once Approved, Funds Are Deposited into YOUR Checking Account

  • Usually within 2 business days, the funds are deposited to YOUR checking account

Step 5 - Send ACH or Debit Card Payment to Engage 2 Engage

  • Engage 2 Engage will send you an invoice
  • From the funds now in your account, send ACH or Debit Card Payment to Engage 2 Engage with no transfer or processing fee

You can pay using:
Step 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Loans are funded based on each lenders criteria, but this process typically takes 24-72 hours.

Remember, all proceeds from lender go to YOU. You still need to pay the Engage 2 Engage invoice via ACH or debit card to start services with us once you have the funds in your account.

Yes! With 14 lenders to choose from, our partners offer financing programs that buy down to a 580 credit score.

A soft pull credit report is ran during the pre-qualification process. It has no impact on your score to prequalify for financing.

Once you select the loan you want to proceed with, that is when a hard credit report will be pulled by the lender making the actual loan.

No, all loan approvals through our partner are unsecured.

Pre-qualification means that the lending partner has reviewed the information you submitted and conditionally approved you for a loan with certain terms.

You finish the final loan application directly with one of the lending partners you select.

Typically, our lending partners allow you to prepay your loan without penalty.

Please see the product details for each lender for more information.

Rates for our lending partners start at 5.99%.

The exact rate will depend on a number of factors including credit score, income and the amount of your current monthly debt payments. 

Our lending partners currently offer loans ranging from 12 to 60 months (5 years).

Smart Comparison: We provide the fastest way to get and compare personalized offers from multiple providers.

The Right Match: Based on your information, we match you with the right loan at the best rate.

Safe & Secure: Your data is completely secure. We use 256-bit encryption – a higher security standard than most banks.

IMPORTANT: Click HERE for our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fill Out the Pre-Approval
Application and Recommendations
to Help Give You Higher Approval Chance and More
Lender Options!


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