4 Tips for a Good Strategy Path to Mapping Your Funnel Offer for Profit

Marketing funnels are a powerful way to attract and convert relevant leads.

But not all funnels are created equal.

In fact, 79% of marketing leads from funnels never convert to sales!

Far too many businesses focus on creating their free offer, or lead magnet, first. They forget about one huge part: the offer that will make them money!

To create a successful funnel that will earn you profit, you must prioritize the final offer first.

At first, this may sound backward, but it’s just the first step in mapping out a profitable funnel.

Today, we’ll explore the proven strategy path for creating a profitable marketing funnel.

Tip 1 - Focus on Offer First

Most marketers make a HUGE mistake, they focus on their freebie first. Rather than thinking about what you will give away for free, first determine what your final offer is.

The offer is the foundation of your sales funnel, it must be what you build everything else around. To create an effective sales funnel, you have to be 100% clear about what you are selling at the end.

One example is a nutrition coach. The final offer is the “big ticket” item they want to sell. This could be a full workout book (or eBook), private fitness coaching, a customized monthly meal plan, etc.

In the case of a real estate agent, the final offer may be signing a contract to represent a buyer or seller. The end result is that the real estate agent wants to acquire a new dedicated client whose sale they will earn commission on.

Tip 2 - What You Will Give Away as Freebie (Lead Magnet)

Only after coming up with the offer, should you consider the lead magnet. The lead magnet should be connected with your final offer, teasing a bit of what you can provide.

The freebie lead magnet should provide value to your target audience. We’ll explore a few examples below, but some ideas are:
● Checklists
● Templates
● Worksheets
● A mini or generic version of the final offer

Imagine the fitness coach again. Their final offer may be a 90-day workout plan that includes the warmup, exercises, video or photo demonstrations, etc. The freebie could be one full workout, a workout plan template (without all of the personalized details), or a checklist with exercises you should do.

The real estate agent could give away a checklist for what to do when buying and/or selling a home. Or they could give away a template for staging the home to make it more appealing for sale.

In both cases, you can see that the lead magnet is a teaser of the final offer. It’s connected to the final offer, and it provides value. Essentially, the lead magnet provides the “what” – “here’s what you need to do” and the final offer provides the “how” approach – like “here’s what I can do for you.”

Tip 2 - What you will give away as Freebie (Lead Magnet)

Tip 3 - Email Nurtures

Once you’ve determined your final offer and your lead magnet, you have to plan out your email nurtures. Create a welcome email that structures the tone of the relationship. Remember, email open rates hover around 20%, the subject line is crucial for garnering open rates.

Here’s a general outline of the email nurturer framework:

  • Welcome email: This introduces your freebie and directs them to download or claim the freebie.
  • Check-in email: Send this out to remind people of your free offer and encourage them to take it if they have not. You should send this to those who have not yet claimed the offer.
  • Value email: Use this to add more value to your freebie. You could share a video tutorial on how to use the freebie, answer FAQ, link to a piece of content that further explains the subject or add a related freebie.
  • Education email: Use this to start positioning your paid offer. Pique interest by showing ways the paid offer can be used.
  • Second value email: Add even more value to your offer, because the next email is a sales email. Resolve common objections with this email.
  • First email pitch: Pitch your special offer for your paid product. Explain how this special offer will help your audience and why now is the time to take advantage.
  • Follow-up sequence: Use follow-up emails to add value to your offer.

Tip 4 - Traffic

The last stage is to focus on traffic. Relevant traffic is more likely to convert, whereas cold traffic will not. The traffic stage includes traffic from promotional plans, organic traffic, and paid traffic.

A few key tips here include:

  • Optimize blog posts to bring traffic to your landing page. Incorporate sign-up forms and call to actions (CTAs) for your offer. Promote these blog posts on your social media and to your email list.
  • Promote your freebie directly on social media.
  • Consider Facebook ads for blog posts and/or your freebie.
  • Run retargeting ads for your content.

Engage 2 Engage is Here to Help

Creating a successful funnel can be extremely lucrative, but it certainly requires careful planning. Engage 2 Engage is here to help small businesses and entrepreneurs craft and follow a clear roadmap to marketing success. We’ll help you develop and implement a powerful funnel offer for profit. Learn more about our programs today!


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