Lead Magnet Must-Have Tips

If you are looking to expand your mailing list or attract more site traffic, then you might be looking for a lead magnet. To put it simply, a lead magnet is something you offer someone in exchange for their contact info. This can come in the form of free samples and trials, training videos, templates, quizzes, coupons, and more.

These lead magnets can benefit everyone involved; you get to narrow in on your target demographics, and they get a freebie which gives them a useful tool, a valuable insight, and/or assistance with a specific issue.

But there’s no shortage of lead magnets out there, so how do you get yours to stand out? How do you ensure people do not scroll past without their freebie?

Make it Consumable

Most people spend fifteen seconds on a webpage before clicking away, never to return. A lot of these tips will harken back to that fifteen seconds, but consumability is first and foremost. Your lead magnet must be easy to consume.

With written works, you want short paragraphs with clear, concise language. Bullet points and headings are your best friends. With graphic design, you want bold colors and readable patterns. With templates, you want an intuitive user interface appeal. When something’s consumable, it grabs attention and gets to the point before the reader gets bored.
Consumability is what ensures your lead magnet gets a fair shake and does not get brushed aside. You do not want your reader to feel bored or overwhelmed.

Keep it Simple

When most people open an article, the first thing they are likely to do is look at the scroll bar. That is because they want to know how long it will take to read. This makes sense. People these days are busy and want to get the most use out of a resource with plenty of time to spare.
Prospects will approach your lead magnets with a similar mindset. Remember that they are opting into the lead magnet because you have convinced them that it can make their life easier in some way or at least simplify a complicated process. Deliver on your promise by ensuring that the lead magnet is straightforward. For example, if you offer a checklist as a lead magnet, you should aim to make each item on the list no longer than a single sentence, two at the very most.
You also do not want to obscure your point by being complex or flashy. If you are providing a case study as your lead magnet, then keep your writing at a sixth- or seventh grade reading level for ideal impact and avoid long or obscure words. You want your audience to get the gist in those fifteen seconds, we discussed earlier. Also avoid cluttering the page with distracting images or flashy gimmicks. It is better to be serviceable than fancy.
It also helps if you focus on prospects at different stages of their problem. While you do not want to be a one-size-fits-all solution or try to fix every problem, you want your lead magnet to be accessible at every stage and skill level for the problem it is targeting.

Focus on the Outcome

Get to the point. Tell them what your lead magnet can do for them, and do not try to solve every single problem they may have. You want your audience to quickly comprehend the lead magnet’s value, and the most effective way to accomplish that is to offer a solution to a specific problem.
For example, if a potential client is trying to pick a title for a new book but cannot come up with anything, they may be desperate for help. That is exactly what they are going to search for when they start looking for services that can help. They will not be interested in a lead magnet that promises to teach them “All About Publishing,” as that is not what they are looking for.
A lead magnet that tries to be something to everyone will end up being nothing to anyone. If your offered solution is too broad, then people will not value it.

Make it Instantly Accessible & Downloadable

Instant gratification is the key. Do not make your audience jump through hoops to get the lead magnet, or else they might decide it is not worth it partway through. It should be as simple as them leaving their email and you giving them the lead magnet or sending an email with the link. Any extra steps decrease the likelihood they will see it through.
It also helps to pick something that will download quickly. A heavy software trial will take longer to download than a PDF, which will frustrate potential leads and decrease your ability to foster brand loyalty later.
There are lots of downloadable styles to choose from: cheat sheets, templates, checklists, mini audio / video clips, quizzes, resource lists, et cetera. Any number of these will be quick-and-easy to download and instantly accessible.


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