Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Popular Social Media Platforms [+ Infographic YouTube Marketing]

Are you tired of not seeing results time and time again on your business’s social media accounts?

It may be time to refocus on the best ways to drive real, organic traffic to your websites.

Each social media platform requires different techniques and tools. Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


LinkedIn can be a tricky platform to master, but it can be a huge help to your social media presence if used correctly.

The algorithm changes frequently, and the network tends to stay quiet about how their platform and their technology works.

Here are a few tips that will help you create a stronger LinkedIn presence.

  • Don’t post more than 20 times in a month. LinkedIn often flags accounts that post too frequently for “low quality” posts. On the other hand, it also suppresses posts from accounts that don’t post often enough. Aim for at least one high-quality post per week but no more than 20 posts each month.
  • Add links to comments, not the actual post. LinkedIn doesn’t like external links in the body of posts. However, you can still link to external sources, such as your blog or a YouTube video. Just make sure to leave them in the comments of your post instead.
  • Use hashtags on articles. Articles are different from posts on LinkedIn. Using hashtags on articles will help show your content to the right audience. Don’t use more than three hashtags, and make sure to use hashtags that are popular or relevant within your network.
  • Create genuine, valuable content. LinkedIn is all about forming strong connections with those in your network. High-quality content that provides real value will gain more traction than anything else.


With its 280-character limit per post and fast-paced online environment, Twitter can be a great asset to your business once you figure out how it works.

Some of the most important things to remember about Twitter are:

  • Twitter is a community. Engaging with other people and brands is entertaining for your audience and can generate natural engagement in a variety of ways. Don’t focus so much on creating flawless content that you lose sight of the community at your fingertips.
  • Be concise. Twitter expanded its character limit from 140 to 280 characters in 2017, but this doesn’t mean you should stop being concise. Short and effective messaging works best on Twitter. If you have a lot of valuable insight to contribute about a certain topic, try creating a thread.
  • Visuals, polls, and hashtags are your best friends. Videos and gifs are an easy way to create visually appealing content. Polls can start engaging conversations and let you know what your audience really thinks or wants to see. Hashtags help expand your reach, especially if you take advantage of trending hashtags.


Facebook has over 2.85 billion active users around the world! This means your ideal customer is almost certainly on this platform, and this should be the baseline for your social media marketing plan. But because there are so many accounts your content may get lost in your follower’s feeds.

Here’s what you need to know about using Facebook for your business:

  • Your profile page must be optimized. Make sure your profile picture is 180 px by 180 px and your cover photo is 828 px by 315 px. They must both be clear and relate to each other. The cover photo is also a great place to include a call to action for your business.
  • Organize your tabs. You can customize the tabs on your page to show reviews, links to your other social media pages, and promotions for events or for hiring within your business. Take advantage of this to show your audience the most important information.
  • Post consistently. Creating a content calendar can be a great way to plan out your Facebook posts ahead of time. You can also plan for them to complement your posts on other platforms, which gives your audience a range of content to enjoy every day.
  • Craft Call-to-Actions (CTAs). CTAs help optimize your lead capture and conversion rates. Focus on what action you want the user to take next.


Instagram is a different type of platform because it relies on creativity and visual engagement more than anything else.

Here are a few ways to help your content thrive on Instagram.

Have a consistent theme and aesthetic.
Instagram accounts that are visually attractive have the highest chance of succeeding on the platform. Having a defined color palette, tone, and theme for your posts will help with this.

  • Post 1-2 times a day. While some big brands post dozens of times per day, aiming for 1 or 2 quality posts each day is a great goal for your small business to generate the most engagement. You can also look at your Instagram Business analytics to find the best time of day to post based on your unique audience.
  • Tell a story. Instagram captions can be tricky. This is part of why longer captions have become trendy on this platform. Focus less on traditional marketing techniques and more on telling a unique, compelling story that will resonate with your audience. Reels and Stories can also be used to showcase authentic and engaging stories.

YouTube Infographic - Marketing Guide

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