Types of Lead Magnets to Connect with Visitors Organically

What Are Lead Magnets?

A lead magnet is a marketing tool that provides a site visitor with some incentive in exchange for personal contact information. Such incentives might be a discount on a service or a free checklist or template ––anything, really, that would entice someone to provide an email and maybe their mobile number. As a result, a visitor learns more about what your business has to offer in exchange to be contacted easily in the future.
In this article, we will explore what lead magnets are more thoroughly.

What Is the Purpose of Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets increase conversions. Actively engaging with a visitor increases the likelihood they will remember your brand, site, and return in the future. Lead magnets are also a great way to track content engagement and target demographics. Knowing when site traffic peaks and what kinds of visitors your site is getting are vital data which can be synthesized to help sell your brand or business even more efficiently.

But it is not just enough to engage your visitors. You need to consider carefully how you engage them. People can usually tell when they are being marketed to, when it is canned, cold, and impersonal. A lead magnet gives you the chance to show your audience that you not only understand what their main concerns are but that you care and want to provide them with a sound solution. When you demonstrate these things authentically through carefully crafted content, you get closer to converting prospective clients.

Lead Magnet Ideas

There are many types of lead magnets with many minor variations. Here are a few of the most ubiquitous and effective kinds you are likely to encounter:


Many websites will offer entertaining or educational quizzes, which visitors are invited to take for free. Some people may dismiss quizzes as fun and pointless exercises that can entertain you when you are bored but not offer much else. After all, what value does finding out what type of pasta you like have to do beyond providing a few minutes of entertainment?
Surprisingly, though, there may be more to these quizzes than that.
These kinds of fun interactive activities are perfect for use as lead magnets, because they build interest in and enthusiasm for a site through the quiz itself. For example, if you sell fun, casual accessories, prospective customers may take interest in learning more about “what type of bracelet best suits their personality.” After thinking deeply about each question and becoming invested in the quiz, they will feel more inclined to offer up some basic contact information for the sake of accessing their results.
This can be just as effective for service-based businesses. For example, if you are a career coach, maybe you offer a quiz that allows people to discover their hidden talent. Many people will be eager to get their results and will sign up to do so. In the process, they may come to better understand what you have to offer and seek out your services so that they can zero in on the talent!

Practical Tips

Like online quizzes, some lead magnets may offer you valuable resources and tips that can benefit prospective clients in some way, often in exchange for contact information. You might offer a preview of some of the tips you offer. For example, maybe you have a checklist of “50 Financial Steps That All Modern Business Owners Should Take” and offer a preview of five of them. Prospects interested in further information sign up to learn more by providing their name, email, and sometimes mobile number.
People value expert advice. They like being able to take the tools given to them so that they can apply it for themselves, potentially reaping meaningful results. Exclusive content offers them this.


What better way to allow leads to understand their needs than through a practical worksheet that guides them through a specific process? For example, if your goal is to help clients manage their money more mindfully, you might offer a series of worksheets that have them break down their budget for a month, week by week, by several different categories: food, utilities, insurance, entertainment, and so on. You can also ask questions that encourage them to consider their spending habits, such as “What category makes up the most of your monthly budget?” and “What are some ways you can reduce costs in this category?”


Demos are used to help prospects better understand the function, interface, quality, and benefits of a product or service. This type of lead is commonly used by companies specializing in software or other types of data solutions. That said, any demo that shows customers how a service works before they invest money into it can be valuable.
Demos are highly effective in that they give prospects a clear understanding of how a product works and what it is best at. They can also help build a personal relation between a business and potential client, making them more likely to convert.

Resource Directory

Even as a professional in your industry, you likely consult certain resources again and again, simply because they make your life easier. It is likely that those resources could benefit your leads as well. Why not compile these resources into one organized directory and then offer it as a lead magnet? Your leads will likely appreciate that you shared your extra knowledge with them.


One of the most underrated lead magnets is the newsletter. Think of it like this: if a potential customer visits an online store to browse and finds that they like what they see, they might sign up for the site’s regular inbox newsletter which promises access to discounts and special deals unavailable to others. This makes them more likely to return in the future.
Newsletters are important tools for increasing conversions not only because they offer deals to entice people to buy, but also because they serve as regular reminders that the business exists and can solve some problems the prospect might have.

Marketing Yourself

Lead magnets can take a variety of forms, from those which employ trickery and sensationalism to those which serve simply to remind potential consumers of products and services they showed interest in. Which type will help you realize the most conversions will depend on how you market yourself?  Regardless of how you do it, a lead magnet is an invaluable tool for any online business looking to boost profits and increase reach at a very low cost.

What’s Next?

Now you understand everything that goes into connecting with visitors organically. Excellent! Of course, your job is not done just yet.
As we mentioned above, you need worthwhile, engaging messages if you want visitors to invest their time in your site. When you do that, they will be eager to come back in the future! Keep posting, consistently and fervently, with the goal of promoting your page. This goes beyond just employing SEO best practices.
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