How Chatbots Help with Conversion Rates [+ Infographic]

Customer service can make or break a sale.

If a customer cannot find a quick answer to a question, they are not likely to stick around. In the modern digital world, even 24 hours for an email response is slow enough to lose a sale.

Chatbots are an emerging technology that can greatly improve conversion rates.

Chatbots can assist in the sales process. Crafting automated conversations with chatbots is efficient and effective for capturing and qualifying leads.

Chatbots can ask qualifying questions and based on the answers received, the chatbot can provide relevant information to the prospect.

To increase your conversion rates, you need to have a targeted goal with chatbots, knowing where to direct prospects based on their response.

These tactics speed up the time it takes to complete a sale, which also increases the conversion rate.

For example, imagine you have a funnel that you want prospects to enter. You can set up a chatbot that leads the prospect to the sales funnel based on the questions the prospect asks.

Another great example is a chatbot for online retail. If a shopper has a question about the item, return policy, etc., they can ask the chatbot and receive an immediate answer. A shopper may ask something like “does this shoe fit true to size?” or “how long does shipping take?” Since these are common questions, they are likely to be programmed into the chatbot. If the chatbot does not have an answer, it can then direct the shopper to a live agent. The information the prospect gains from the chatbot can help them with their purchase decision, leading to a conversion.

Chatbots can also improve the customer experience in general, for prospects and existing customers. If a current customer is able to troubleshoot an issue with a chatbot, they are more likely to retain a positive view of the brand and thus recommend the brand to others. By improving customer satisfaction, chatbots can help ensure customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Let’s take a closer look at chatbots and conversion rates.

How to Build an Effective Chatbot

Not every chatbot is created equal. If you want to increase your conversion rate, you don’t need any chatbot, you need an effective one. Here are the key steps to building an effective chatbot:

  • Define the goal of the chatbot. Remember, it’s a chatbot, not a person. Design it with a set goal and expectation in mind. Quality is paramount, so focus on the most important task you need your chatbot to accomplish.
  • Conversational flow. The chatbot should provide a conversational experience. Rather than using extremely formal words and phrases, program the chatbot to talk like a real person. Of course, this will vary depending on the brand image and tone of your business. A quick example would be “What is your order number?” instead of “Excuse me, miss, please provide your order number.”
  • User-friendly design. The chatbot won’t do any good if customers cannot find or use it. Design your chatbot with the user in mind. Ensure it’s easy to access and provide a helpful welcome message.
  • Analyze and revise. As with any digital marketing tool, your chatbot should be data driven. Measure its performance and update it with improvement. One of the ways to collect data is to include a quick feedback form that users can answer after their interaction with the chatbot.
Creating an effective chatbot is certainly a time-consuming process. There are a lot of considerations you must account for. As with all technology, things don’t always go as planned. It’s well worth taking your time to create an effective chatbot.

Using ActiveCampaign’s Conversations Chatbot Automation

Choosing a chatbot builder can be difficult. At Engage 2 Engage we support ActiveCampaign’s Conversations Chatbot Automation (a.k.a. Conversations) application as part of our program.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Live mobile chats
  • Adding tags for future outreach
  • Creating a personalized experience on multiple channels
  • Entering custom field data
  • Unified inbox to streamline the support team’s efforts
  • Seamless integration with other automation
  • Link to Facebook Messenger

Conversations is a powerful tool for creating chatbots. It contains all of the core basic features you need to craft an effective customer service experience. You can customize chatbot automation, collect contact information, manage conversations, track responses, and much more.

Engage 2 Engage is Here to Help!

Creating an effective chatbot can help improve your conversation rate. Of course, designing, building, and updating a chatbot is certainly a time-consuming task. While tools like ActiveCampaign’s Conversations make the process much easier, it can still be a challenge for those without experience.

That’s why we’re here to help at Engage 2 Engage! We can help you create an effective chatbot to boost conversations in no time.

As part of our Pendant Program, our automation team implements the chatbot conversational flow. You simply let us know the conversational flow map, and we bring it to life! This is perfect for those who know the goal of their chatbot but just need some help with the automation side.

We also offer a full chatbot marketing strategy at the Platinum Program level. As part of this program, we create the entire marketing strategy, helping bring prospects through optimized campaigns and funnels for higher conversions. The Platinum Program level is best for those who seek more guidance with marketing or want to free up significant time.

Learn more about our programs and which is right for you today!


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