Social Media Metrics to Analyze

Do you know that it is extremely important to monitor how well your social media content connects with your audience?

What if you do not have much of an audience? What can you do to increase your brand’s visibility? How do you know what content works and what does not?

Social media metrics are critical in understanding the content your audience wants to engage with. You can analyze this data to create the right content to accelerate brand awareness, drive organic traffic, and convert leads.

What social media metrics should you review? How often should you monitor analytics? What are some platform-specific tips to drive more organic traffic your way?

This article dives into five of the most popular social media platforms to give you the tools to make memorable experiences for your audience.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook for Business, more recently known as Meta for Business, leverages the nearly three billion strong userbases who use the platform every day. There is no denying the platform’s popularity, which does not seem to shrink anytime soon.

What Facebook metrics should you review?

Facebook metrics, called Insights, show you all you need to know about your Page’s performance. You can view demographic data about the people viewing your content and how they interact with everything. You can also choose to see Insights from a specific range of time.

You should review all your Insights to gain a better understanding of what content you should produce. You should pay special attention to:

  • Post Reach
  • Post Engagements
  • Page Followers
  • Video Plays

What does the metric data provide?

Post Reach

This data measures how many people had your Page’s posts appear on their screen. Post Reach is an estimated number but it can give you a broad idea about how far your message travels.

Post Engagements

Ideally, you want people to do more than look at your posts. You want them to interact with them in some way. The Post Engagement metric shows you how many times people like, comment, and share your posts.

Page Followers

This metric shows you how many people follow your Page. You can also look at their demographics to better craft content that speaks to them. If your Page Follower count rarely rises, then you should delve into their demographics to find out why.

Video Plays

Videos can provide audiences with engaging experiences better than static text. This Insight measures how many times your Page's videos are played for at least 3 seconds.

How often should you review metrics?

It depends on how you are using Facebook for Business. If you use Facebook Marketplace to sell items, then you should check your Insights daily. If no one sees what you are selling, then you can not sell anything. If you use Facebook for Business to drive your audience down the sales funnel, then a weekly analysis could prove beneficial.

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Instagram Professional Account

Instagram allows its users to share photos and videos. Owned by Facebook, the platform has approximately two billion users. You can use an Instagram Professional Account to spread your brand awareness to users around the world.

What Instagram metrics should you review?

Instagram Insights are currently only available on the Instagram mobile app. However, if you use Instagram to promote your brand, you can use the app to track the following significant metrics:

  • Accounts Reached
  • Accounts Engaged
  • Total Followers

What does the metric data provide?

Accounts Reached

Like with other social media platforms, reach indicates the number of people who have seen your content on-screen at least once.

Accounts Engaged

This measurement shows you how many people interacted with your content. Instagram engagements include likes, comments, saves, shares, and replies.

Page Followers

When your page has at least 100 followers, you can view Insights into this number as well as the locations of your followers, their ages, and the times they are most active on Instagram.

How often should you review metrics?

Several sources suggest checking Instagram Insights once a month. Insights are updated every twenty-four hours so you could check them daily if you want to aggressively boost your brand’s visibility.

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Twitter for Professionals

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service that has connected nearly half a billion people since 2006.
Twitter for Professionals offers businesses across all industries the chance to highlight their content, products, and services on the platform at no cost.

What Twitter metrics should you review?

Twitter Analytics, while brief, can give you data to optimize your content so you can get better results. Some of the metrics you should focus on are:

  • Profile Visits
  • Mentions
  • Tweet Engagements
  • Top Tweets

What does the metric data provide?

Profile Visits

This metric tells you how many times your Twitter profile has been visited during the past twenty-eight days. You can use this number to adjust the type and frequency of your Tweets.


You should want people to talk about you and your products. Twitter Mentions are Tweets that contain an account’s username. Knowing who’s talking about you can help you connect with more people who could be interested in your brand.

Tweet Engagements

In addition to wanting people to talk about your brand, you should want people to care about your content. Their interactions can show you what people care about most (or the least) so you can adapt your marketing content campaign.

Top Tweets

Looking at your most popular Tweets can show you what works for your brand. You can continue to provide similar content to maintain your brand’s momentum.

How often should you review metrics?

Twitter suggests checking Analytics at least once a week.

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LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for job seekers and recruiters to connect. Brands can also use the platform to promote themselves.

What LinkedIn metrics should you review?

LinkedIn Analytics measures the performance of your page or posts. They offer different looks into your content from other platforms. The ones you should keep in mind are:

  • Update Analytics
  • Follower Analytics
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Post Analytics

What does the metric data provide?

Update Analytics

These metrics cover every component of LinkedIn Pages. From engagement rates to clicks, you can see how well each update performs.

Follower Analytics

These metrics include the number of followers your Page has, their demographics, and more. You can filter data by time range so you can see how the metrics have changed.

Visitor Analytics

Not everyone who visits your LinkedIn Page is a follower. You can use Visitor Analytics to discover how many users visit your Page, their demographics, and how many times they clicked specific buttons on your Page.

Post Analytics

You can see how well your articles and videos perform so you can customize your content creation strategy. This data includes the number of post views, minutes viewed (for videos), and more.

How often should you review metrics?

LinkedIn recommends reviewing Analytics weekly.

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What are some tips to drive more organic traffic to your business?

Google My Business Profile Insights

Google is practically ingrained into the planet’s consciousness. From information searching to emailing, Google has some of the deepest market penetration in history. It should go without saying that leveraging Google to further your business goals is necessary to keep up with your competition.

What Google metrics should you review?

Google My Business Insights show you how people find your business listing on the Internet. The most important metrics to review are those concerning:

  • How customers find your listing
  • Search queries
  • Where customers find you on Google

What does the metric data provide?

How customers find your listing

Customers can find your listing in several ways. They can search directly for your business, your business’s category, a similar product or service you offer, or a similar brand.

Search queries

You can see the search terms people use on Google to find you. Additionally, you can see the number of people who request directions to our business (if applicable).

Where customers find you on Google

People can find you via Google Search or Google Maps. This Insight breaks down the percentages of views for each section.

How often should you review metrics?

Search query metrics can take up to five days to update. So while checking your Google My Business Profile Insights once a week sounds like a solid plan, you might want to check them every day, especially if your brand depends on selling items.

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What are some tips to drive more organic traffic to your business?


Your social media campaign is only as strong as the content you produce. Social media metrics are vital tools to help you monitor your content’s performance. If your content is not getting attention, then you need to know as soon as possible so you can modify your approach. The sooner you connect better with your audience, the sooner you can drive views and revenue your way.


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