Engage 2 Engage™ is on a mission to provide small business entrepreneurs resources and services for their digital marketing needs. For this reason, programs for marketing automation, strategy, content, tech and design are our focus. We do this to engage, onboard, and nurture desired target audiences by sharing unique message voiced to the world the right way to generate leads and convert sales.

I’ve invested tons bringing you marketing automation and web tech subject matter experts. Not interns or virtual assistant task types, but certified and trained experts I use in my business, on various platforms that we support.

Additionally…super talented US based copywriters, rock star marketing strategists, graphic designers, client success managers, project and task lead managers, result analysts, marketing automation experts, and so much more!

Long Term Relationship Goal

Our Programs are designed to build a long term relationship with you and help you scale and thrive. With this in mind, marketing automation and strategy helps put processes on auto-pilot so you can have the lifestyle you desire while focusing on building your business expertise and scaling.

Therefore, these are not for those looking to setup a one-time project and then cancelling. If you do not see an on-going need of at least 6 months, then I recommend you not signing up. For this reason, I’m all about long-term relationships.

We need the long term relationship to determine how performance measures and metrics are doing based on the marketing automation implemented. In the long run, understanding what changes need to be made to the SEO, what needs to be rebuilt, what call to actions (CTA) need to happen, what campaign strategy needs to be implemented, and so much more.
Contract and Money Back Guarantee

Finally, there is no contract. Therefore, you can upgrade (or downgrade), or even cancel at anytime your needs and lifestyle changes.

Equally, we are also all about a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee. Thus, to see if we are a good fit, try us at the Pendant Program level. Submit your tasks for web tech and automation from our list of supported platforms below. Understand how we work and get things completed. If you realize we are not a good fit, cancel and request a full refund.

NOTE: This is only offered at the Pendant Program level because here you are the Project Manager making decisions on task requests to be submitted. You are providing the content copies, analyzing measure and metric results, and being the Marketing Strategist. At the Pearl and Platinum Program levels, we make those resource investments.

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Learn how to

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