What Are the Different Video Style Types for Social Media Marketing? [+ Infographic YouTube SEO Tips]

Did you know users spend a third of their time online watching videos?

And these videos serve different user audiences on different social media platforms. For example, post videos on LinkedIn if you are trying to educate versus entertain. It is important to be platform conscious.

The video marketing statistics for social media is insane. Here are a few examples as of 2020:

  • Facebook gets over 8 billion video views per day.
  • Twitter receives over 2 billion video views per day.
  • Video is shared 20 times more often in the LinkedIn feeds.
  • Video marketing campaigns on LinkedIn generate view rates as high as 50%.
  • Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

If you are one of the few businesses still waiting to put resources into video production, there’s no time to lose.

Let’s dive into some of the different social media marketing video styles and how you can get incredible videos for your brand.

Video Style Examples for Social Media Marketing

Informational Videos

You can tap into the news video market by releasing an informational video for your clients. These can cover anything from the history of your industry to how a specific item is made.


Tutorials show how to use something. They are especially helpful for businesses that sell kits or items that require assembly. However, they can also work very well for beauty products (makeup tutorials, hairstyles, how to style certain clothing, etc.)

Product Features

Unboxing videos aren’t just for kids anymore; research shows 68% of people report that watching a YouTube video influenced their decision to purchase a product.

Create product feature videos that bridge creator and user engagement, add momentum to product launches, and inform users about the exciting features.

Interviews/ Q&A Videos

Interview industry leaders, influencers, or other figures relevant to your audience. Interviews with industry experts can help increase the credibility of your brand. Influencer interviews give your audience the chance to learn more about someone they are interested in.

Include users in the process by publishing a poll for user-generated questions. This will also drum up engagement and enthusiasm before the interview goes live.

Backstage Videos

Use backstage or behind-the-scenes videos to show office life, how your products are made, how you prep for an event, and more. This is a great way to introduce your clients to your staff and business and humanize your organization.  Behind-the-scenes videos also allow you to introduce your workspace and encourage more engagements.

Live Streams

Live Streams have been used very successfully to promote events, and you could do the same with the right planning beforehand. Remind users in advance when the live stream is happening and use tools like YouTube’s premier feature to bring those who may have forgotten into the stream with you.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Post video content that influencers or customer’s post. Users perceive UGC as more authentic than branded content. Furthermore, it can help to strengthen your relationships with your audience and encourage them to share their own videos using your brand.

Promotional Content

Have a great deal coming up? Spread the word with a promotional video. Videos will catch their attention and help to drive interest in your upcoming deal. They are an excellent way to promote your holiday sales.

Remember that this is not a comprehensive list. Some niche industries or products may lend themselves to videos specific to your business. Be creative and take the time to understand what works best for your organization based on engagement.

Which Videos Should You Outsource to Save You Time?

Producing quality online videos is a complex art worth investing in, but it does take significant time and resources. Thankfully outsourcing can make this far easier and more affordable than handling software costs, training your staff, creating overlays and elements, and editing in-house.

  • For any video that features yourself, you can outsource the post capture, like editing, text overlays, asset creation, adding music, uploads to platforms, adding social media links, call to action buttons, SEOs, and other activities so you can focus on scriptwriting and the production itself.
  • You can also outsource the prep work, like your video sales pitch script writing, presentation flow, and campaign offer call to action planning.
  • Informational and tutorial videos benefit from animated and infographic sections to break up the live-action video portions.
  • Overlays placed throughout product features can serve to highlight particular elements and lend a high-tech feel to otherwise wordy videos.
  • Especially helpful for users who join the video late or click to a later point immediately, interviews can be finished with animated title cards to identify members or voices.

Both behind-the-scenes and live stream videos somewhat rely on their unedited feel to highlight their nature. These can still benefit from professional lighting, directing, and minor editing.

What to Consider When Outsourcing Social Media Video Creation


Every video must tell a clear story that resonates with your audience. Make sure the storytelling arc of your videos is clear and compelling.

Work closely with the video production and editing team to ensure the purpose and tone of each video you submit is clear. While much of this will be present in your scriptwriting already, editing is a careful art, and improper timing or selected clips can misguide customers.


The wide variety of video styles could potentially lead to drift in your voice or styling. Create consistency throughout your different videos as much as possible. Understanding your brand personality is key to maintaining a coherent tone across all of your content.


Of course, we’d all love to partner with the best filmmakers, editors, and producers in the business! However, it’s crucial to be realistic with your budget. If you can’t outsource every aspect of video production, determine which components are most vital to outsource and which you can handle in-house.

Engage 2 Engage is Here to Help!

Now that you understand some of your options for social media videos and the importance of quality source material and editing, what’s next?

Engage 2 Engage is here to help you with your various marketing needs, including video prep, creation, and post work, including analytics. Our goal is to give you more time to focus on attracting customers and growing your business. Learn more about how our programs can help you grow your business!

SEO Tips for YouTube

Looking for social media SEO tips? You’ve come to the right place!

To help you get high-ranking YouTube videos, we’ve put together this helpful infographic of the best YouTube SEO tips.

YouTube videos are not just fun entertainment, the site is the second-largest search engine in the world! Just as you want to perfect your Google SEO strategy, you should work to leverage visibility on YouTube. By getting your videos to rank higher, you can get them in front of your target audience and begin to nurture key long-term relationships with prospects.

The great news is that YouTube is a worldwide search engine. It’s used in over 88 countries around the world, making it an excellent option for many different businesses. It’s ideal for international and global companies looking to reach their audience in different countries.

However, many other small businesses and entrepreneurs also understand the value of YouTube. It’s why over 100 hours of videos are uploaded each minute. To ensure that your target audience finds your videos, you’ll need to have a strong YouTube SEO strategy in place.

The bottom line is that people from all over the world are on YouTube and watching videos every single day. This presents an excellent opportunity to spread awareness of your brand and connect with your target audience. However, this massive search engine is incredibly popular and used by brands all over the world. This means it’s competitive and you must follow the best YouTube SEO tips to get your content in front of the right people.

Understanding the Ranking Factors

Just like with Google and any other search engine, YouTube leverages ranking factors. What are ranking factors? They are the things that the algorithm uses to decide what to show users. When someone searches for something on YoutTube, the platform leverages the ranking factors to determine the most relevant and best videos to show them. In this infographic, we break down the key YouTube ranking factors as well as some key tips for how to leverage them. Understanding the ranking factors allows you to “beat” the algorithm and get your videos to the top of the search results and recommended videos.

Cross Promotion

YouTube SEO does not end on the platform. In addition to following the tips we lay out on ranking factors, you should also cross-promote your content everywhere possible. Cross-promoting helps drive traffic to your videos and get even more people to your page.

Learn more by viewing the helpful infographic below!


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