How to Automate Personalized Messages Catered to Targets

If you have spent hours of your day searching online for the perfect phone case, you do not want to receive emails from the sites you visited asking to check out their new laptop cases. You want the websites to which you have subscribed to send you relevant products. You want them to know what you are looking for and send you suggestions for similar merchandise. When companies use your past purchases to recommend relevant products, you can rest easy knowing that they have what you are looking for and can return to them again and again.
If you are looking for a way to achieve this kind of relationship with your own subscribers, this can be easily done by creating personalized emails. There are a bunch of email marketing campaigns and methods that can be used to build a relationship with your users.
If you are interested in how to use personalized emails to grow user engagement, just keep reading!

Tag and Group Your Emails

Email tagging is a great starting point for personalizing messages. To put it simply, email tagging is basically a cheat sheet to remembering subscribers’ interests, likes, and behaviors.
Think about all the times you signed up for emails from a website or subscribed to them. These actions could have resulted in the company automatically tagging you for your interest. When you sign up for emails from a company or brand, you will be put into an email list.
Tags help differentiate people on the list. Maybe one person joined because they wanted a free trial. As a result, they will receive emails asking them if they want to purchase it. If someone else joined the email list because they purchased a product, they will get emails with complimentary items they could buy.
You can also search by tags to differentiate your subscribers. Creating email segments, which are groups of subscribers separated by their tags, is a great way to increase the number of emails opened by recipients. If a subscriber receives a personalized email, they are more likely to read it.
With segments, you can easily search for subscribers by what they have in common, including if they have no tag at all.
Email grouping is simply when you send an email to everyone in a specific group. Once you have tagged your subscribers with their interests, you can send a personalized email to everyone in that group.

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Targeted emails are basically exactly what they sound like — emails that target specific subscribers with personalized messages. These emails are sent to groups of people with the same interests or backgrounds, sorted through email tagging.
Email segments — which can also group people by physical factors like age and gender — can be used to group subscribers together. Once you have groups set up, you can send them targeted emails that are compliant with their interests or needs from your company.
Wouldn’t you much rather open an email that is full of solutions catered to you over a general message asking to visit a site?
There are a lot of perks involved with targeted email campaigns, including a boost in revenue and response from users. When subscribers open emails that have offers catered to them, they are more likely to click the link to your site. This leads to users purchasing products or services from you, boosting your revenue.
Another great upside of targeted emails is the relationships that develop from personalized messages. Your users will resonate with you if they trust that you know what they want and need. Sending them personalized emails that show you are putting in the effort to cater to them will keep users coming back.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

There are a couple of different types of email campaigns that could be useful to you. Drip marketing campaigns are not as personalized and are focused more on immediate sales.
They are easier to do because they are more general and do not require all the information on users’ preferences. Drip marketing campaigns include things like emails to remind users about sales or offers for coupons.
Nurture marketing campaigns involve more personalization. Fortunately, if you understand what segmentation and email tagging is, then mastering nurturing marketing campaigns will not be too difficult. They are based more on subscribers’ information, so they can be more specific.
Nurture marketing campaigns work better when there is a relationship with your users because they are geared toward making purchases. Once you have taken the time to tag users and group them into similar interests and needs, nurture marketing will be of more use to you.
Finally, you should consider broadcast marketing campaigns, which are straightforward. They entail sending out a mass number of emails at the same time to a large group of your subscribers. They work best when you are promoting something new or informing your subscribers about something. Examples of broadcast marketing campaigns are newsletters, sales, promotions, and important updates.

Include a Call to Action

Finally, you will want to wrap up every email with a strong call to action, or CTA.
CTAs do exactly what their name says they do: they compel the user to take action. For example, if you send subscribers an email offering a two-for-one deal, you can accompany it with a link that urges customers to “start browsing this week’s sales!” That CTA is direct and urgent, which entices customers to click to learn more.
The more people who interact with your CTA, the more traffic you have going to your site. Combining this with the other elements of email marketing campaigns is a sure way to drive up user engagement.
There are always going to be competitors trying to snag the same customers as you but using targeted email campaigns is a simple way to stand out from the crowd. It also lends an easy way to categorize all your subscribers.
Building connections between your company and your subscribers is a sure way to create a loyal group of users.

What’s Next?

It takes some trial and error to master the art of personalization. Implementing a sound strategy via email through carefully designed campaigns is an excellent place to start.
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