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As the pandemic continues, the full impact on the job market is yet unseen. In April 2021, a record number of people would leave their jobs. This stat is getting broken every single month since. Resignations are continuing to rise in nearly every industry

The inflation of workers leaving their job has put a bump in the road for many employers. How can they fill the void in a society that increasingly isn’t interested in work? 

To understand the solutions, we must first dive into the Great Resignation–what it is and the challenges itcan create.

Let’s take a closer look a the Great Resignation and the key business solutions. 

What is the Great Resignation?

“The Great Resignation” refers to the record number of people leaving their job in the wake of the pandemic. Anthony Klotz, Associate Professor at Texas A&M, coined the term. His prediction at the start of the year that many would leave their jobs as normalcy returns is playing out in front of us today.

The trend of increasing resignations continues to this day. A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a record 4.4m people quit their jobs in September. As these numbers rise, business leaders will find themselves struggling more and more to keep up in key areas.

Many different elements fuel this movement. As Klotz pointed out, some of the people quitting simply weren’t confident enough to do so when they wanted to at the start of the pandemic. For others, they may feel as though the time away changed the way they viewed their job. A disconnect on the view of returning to the office may also play a key role.

Whatever the cause, the flow of employees out the door has left business owners with some difficult considerations.

Challenges for Business Leaders

Business leaders left without enough employees are facing some difficult challenges. While each business is unique and each situation different, there are some commonalities in these issues. Some of the main pain points for business leaders now are
Great Resignation

All these issues can bring business to a standstill. In some cases, they can even lead to closing the doors on what would have otherwise been a successful business. 

How to Survive Great Resignation

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Engage 2 Engage is Here to Help

As time goes on, the trend of resignations is likely to continue its current trajectory. Companies that will be successful at the other end of this shift are preparing for it now. It’s important to ensure that somebody is on your side and keeping up with the changing rhythms of the industry.

Even with a full team of staff members, keeping up with marketing trends can be difficult. That’s why leveraging a knowledgeable team like Engage 2 Engage is so vital. We handle your key marketing efforts to help you reach your full potential regardless of challenges like the Great Resignation.

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