4 Reasons Why Delegating Will Improve Your Lifestyle

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, “delegating” is like a forbidden fruit.

It seems like something that good, strong business leaders don’t do.

Oftentimes, delegating feels like giving up control and skirting responsibilities, but this could not be further from the truth.

Many experienced, successful business leaders know that just the opposite is true. Delegation is a core strategy to improve not only your business but your lifestyle.

Read on to find out more.

Determining What to Delegate

Knowing how to delegate will help you avoid many of the perceived pitfalls of doing so. For example, many business leaders think delegation could take longer than completing the task. Or they are afraid to let go, thinking they can do it better.

So, how do you know what to delegate? Here are some qualities of good tasks to delegate:

  • Tedious. Is the task repetitive and tedious? Then it’s ideal for delegation.
  • Snowball effect. Think about the seemingly small tasks that take a short amount of time to do once, but a lot of time to do overtime.
  • Eat away at your time. Time-consuming tasks are good to delegate in chunks to others.
  • Not your expertise. Let’s face it, you aren’t an expert at every single area your business needs. Prioritize your areas of expertise, and delegate the others to those with the proper knowledge and experience.
  • Time-sensitive. Time-sensitive projects need to be done quickly. You’ll find that it helps a lot to spread out the work.

Based on the above, there are many potential tasks to delegate. However, there are a few common areas that many business leaders find helpful to delegate including:

  • Web tech
  • Automation
  • Content planning and creation
  • SEO
  • Digital design

How Delegating Betters Your Lifestyle

Now that you have an idea of what to delegate, it’s time to look at how doing this can transform your entire lifestyle.

Work-Life Balance

Trying to wear too many hats is a major error many business leaders face. When it’s your business, you want to ensure everything runs smoothly and effectively. For many, the answer is to try to do everything yourself.

At first, this may work, but as your business grows it will only require more and more time and energy to keep up. According to a study by Family Living Today, too much work is one of the biggest factors to impact work-life balance.

Delegating allows you to offload some of this work to experts in the area. This helps you get more time back to dedicate to family, hobbies, and rest. (Yes, rest and relaxation are CRUCIAL!)

Improve Time Management

Never feel like you have enough hours in the day to get everything done? There’s a good chance you’re taking on way too much.

Delegation improves your time management. You’ll be able to spend less time on the tasks you do not need to. This way, you can dedicate more time to your strengths.

Furthermore, this gives you way more time to dedicate to life outside of work as well. You’ll be able to make your child’s events or help your spouse with dinner. Work won’t eat away at your every waking hour. You’ll be able to manage your time better both during work and outside of work.

Less Stress

Small business leaders and entrepreneurs face a ton of stress. They worry about the success of the business and have to deal with immense pressure (often internal pressure). This stress affects work performance and relationships, but it doesn’t turn off when work is over.

One of the best ways to ease stress as a business leader is to effectively delegate. You will be able to take a lot off your plate, relying on those with the right experience to tackle some key tasks.

This can help you reduce your stress at work, which will allow you to work more efficiently on your responsibilities. In the end, this will of course help you outside of work. Reducing your overall stress helps you engage in healthy relationships and enjoy your hobbies.

Pursue Your Passions

Trying to handle everything can take you away from your true passion, why you started the business in the first place. By delegating, you can focus on your passion while allowing someone else to focus on theirs.

Working on your areas of passion will improve your work satisfaction, and can make you feel more fulfilled overall.

Improve Your Lifestyle with Delegation

Delegating is something that every business leader needs to master. It will help you alleviate a ton of stress and dedicate your time to your passions, which helps you live a happier, healthier life.

Achieving a work-life balance is a struggle, but delegation can greatly help. You’ll get back more quality time for friends and family while also helping your business grow.

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