The Four Types of Intelligence for Driving Organic Traffic

Paid traffic may help get eyes on your business, but it’s not nearly as powerful as a long-term strategy of organic traffic.

Organic traffic is all about attracting the right people to your offer. Over time, this is the best way to grow your business and retain loyal customers. But, to drive organic traffic, you must understand the different types of business intelligence at play.

Today, we’ll dive into the four intelligence types for driving organic traffic and the role each one plays in growing your business based on my best-selling book, The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind.

The Four Intelligences

1 - Financial Intelligence

To drive organic traffic, start with your offer. Your offer is the backbone of financial intelligence. Focus first on your offer. What value are you providing? What reason are you giving people to turn to you? The offer is the backbone of your sales funnel, and it’s key for driving organic traffic.

2 - Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence is about knowing exactly who you want to attract. First, differentiate between your target market and target audience. The gist is that your target market defines your ideal customer, while your target audience defines the subset of the market you plan to target with a specific campaign.

For both your target market and target audience, you should develop a clear persona. The customer persona includes demographic information, like income, age, gender, etc. However, it should dive deeper into exactly who these people are. What are their interests, hobbies, fears, challenges, values, goals, and more? Dig deep to create a clear outline of who your target market and target audience are.

The purpose of customer personas and customer intelligence more broadly is to best understand who you are selling to. This information helps you craft more effective, targeted content that your ideal customer will find valuable. Properly leveraging customer intelligence allows you to create content that drives better organic results. Use our helpful worksheets to learn more about customer personas and define it for your business. 

3 - Data Intelligence

Tags, lists, and segmentations are all examples of data intelligence. Data intelligence makes it easy to organize and search your database. This helps you best understand your organic marketing efforts and increase their efficacy according to results.

Lists are a type of segmentation, and they help you leverage the customer intelligence discussed above. For example, a sportswear company may have a target market that includes men and women. However, when sharing content about the women’s clothing gear, they may want to use a list based on gender.

Tags are like subfolders, and they help you to effectively organize data. You can use them with email marketing, for example to tag customer engagement levels. You can also leverage tags to keep track of sales, clients who require follow-up, and more.

Segmentation is all about sharing the most relevant offer with the most relevant customer. The more personalized the content is to your target audience, the more effective it will be. Use segmentation to share content based on preferences, interests, etc.

Another aspect of data intelligence is collecting data. Forms are an excellent way to gather data on customers. Focus on the different data capture form types best for your goals. 

4 - Mastermind Intelligence

Last, but certainly not least, is mastermind intelligence. Mastermind intelligence involves leveraging the right mindset and knowing how to engage and attract your audience. This requires a creative mindset and an approach that focuses on inspiring, impacting, and innovating. Getting into this mindset can be challenging, but with a little practice, you will be able to grow your business. Sign up for our free virtual webinar on the Three E Model™ of mastermind intelligence. 

Learn More About the Four Intelligences

Once you understand the 4 intelligences, you can implement them to grow your business. Ultimately, all the intelligences are paramount for recognizing patterns and strategy mapping.

Here we’ve shared just the basics about these four intelligences for driving organic traffic. To learn more about each type of intelligence and how it plays into organic traffic generation, get and read my book, The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain for Success.

In this book, I offer research and experience-based strategies for understanding and applying these four business intelligences. Based on findings from psychology, neuroscience, business analytics, and intelligence theories, this book will equip you with the knowledge to transform your business. 

Engage 2 Engage is Here to Help!

While this blog and my book are excellent resources for learning about the four types of intelligence, implementing them effectively with our digital marketing team can help you overcome the overwhelm and challenge to execute a strategy plan that gains you results.

Visit our programs now to understand how Engage 2 Engage can help you put these intelligences into action. 


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