Ways to Engage Leads to Help Them Decide

Understanding how to gain an audience and maintain that audience’s attention can feel like a puzzle at times. Maybe you have just launched a new company and are looking to get your name out there. Maybe you have been in the business for a while but want to find new clients, perhaps even clients who are different from your usual clients.
Whatever the case, you have actively marketed in every imaginable way, but your sphere of influence simply is not growing. People are not signing up on your website, subscribing to your feeds, or returning to purchase the items in their online shopping carts.
What can you do to ensure interest? How can you inspire and engage leads to decide to sign-up for your services and offer?
Having an established base of customers or followers can go a long way in achieving new ones. The obvious key, to both old and new customers, is some compelling incentive that makes them want to learn more, to receive continuous content and updates from you––something that is of inherent value to them to help drive towards a decision.
How do you go about nurturing leads across the purchase journey? Here are some tips:

1. Be Consistent and Patient

It is not enough to provide engaging content for an interesting opt-in or email campaign. Your approach to this strategy should also show one key characteristic: consistency. This is especially important when you see your prospects going through the motions to become paying clients.
Sometimes the process takes time. For example, sometimes people abandon their cart due to sudden distractions. Providing your customers with consistent calls to action (CTAs) throughout your site or email reminders can help to alleviate this. Ensuring your content expresses value of interest to your users demonstrates consideration and care. Thus, why tagging is important.
They will register when they are ready and acknowledge their need for your offer, so be patient and consistent.

2. Make Use of Text Messaging but Approach with Caution

So, a client decides to follow you on social media or maybe even sign up for your monthly newsletter. This is great progress! You want to keep them interested and point them toward your content and the wonderful services you have to offer. You even start drafting the perfect texts to send their way. You can just imagine their intrigue when their phone lights up with a notification of your message!
Not so fast. Before you start excitedly shooting off the texts, you should brush up on the privacy laws surrounding this. More specifically, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (or TCPA) states that customers must choose to receive texts from you. If you send them a text without their expressed consent, then you are technically breaking this law.
In other words, you should give your prospects the option to forgo your texts. If they choose this option, you need to respect it. The good news, though, is that you can get creative about how you convince them that they do not want to miss out on your texts. For example, maybe you offer notice of future one time offers.

3. Maximize Brand Presence

While it is always good to make your presence known across multiple media platforms, it is also important to use these platforms strategically if you want your audience to stay interested in content that applies to them.
Instagram, for example, tends to attract a younger crowd than Facebook. For example, more than 30% of active Instagram users fall between the ages of 25 and 34. On Facebook, the average user is roughly 40.
Once you determine where to stake your claim, you must also decide how you will pique interest. For example, you might use your social media platforms to encourage people to subscribe to your blog, by offering exclusive weekly Q&A content that they certainly do not want to miss (for example, interviews with industry leaders).

4. Capitalize on Email Marketing

Email marketing is the single most powerful way to connect with people who love your products. Social media has a broad reach, but very few people click links on Twitter and Facebook. (Pro-tip: You can use the built-in metrics for each platform to measure your link clicks.)
People will, however, click links within trusted emails.
Getting people to join your mailing list can be difficult. Yet, once you have identified objections that prospects are having, you can help them find ways to overcome them, giving them actionable results. This builds your credibility and authority.
Getting people to join your mailing list can be difficult. Yet, once you have identified objections that prospects are having, you can help them find ways to overcome them, giving them actionable results. This builds your credibility and authority.Within your email campaigns you can nurture them with mini tips and tricks. The intent here is not to give away training or services for free, but to give them a taste of possibilities. They will feel valued if you help them a bit in figuring things out. Remember, the goal is not to interest EVERYONE. You are looking to engage people who have a genuine use and interest for your services and offer, and so you should devote your energy to getting those people’s attention.
Here are some basic ideas of things you can give in nurture prospects in email marketing:
–A realistic and exclusive discount coupon for one of your services or products.
–A book or product from a partner company in your sphere.
–An exclusive video, e-book, or cheat sheet that offers special industry tips.
–A gift of relatively low cost, but high value, that can only be obtained through you.

What Should You Do Now?

There are many different styles of lead magnets, CTAs, and email campaigns to assist you in achieving your expansion goals. Progress might seem to be a slow process, but the benefits will eventually manifest as organic interest around your content grows to new heights.
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