Dealing With Your Cap
While Marketing Your Brand

Marketing your brand diligently is key to reaching your full potential. 

A strong marketing strategy is all about reaching your target audience with the right message at the right time.

But there’s one big thing that can get in the way of productive marketing: time.

The truth is that we all have a time limit. We’re all given 24 hours in a day. 7 days a week. We have the same amount of hours and days in our cap.

If we could dedicate all of that time to marketing, it would be incredible, but we can’t.

We also have our core business responsibilities and our families. Not to mention, we need to eat and sleep!

All of this means that we have a cap on our time and resources.

The key is to effectively market within our cap.

But how?

Keep reading to find out how to market your brand when you don’t have the time or resources.

The Limitation of Time

Before you can dive into a winning marketing strategy, it’s important to be conscious of time. There are a few things to always keep in mind: 

Life Happens

We can’t predict everything that will happen in life, and circumstances can change on a dime. That means that the time you have now may not always be available, so you never want to overbook yourself.

For example, my entire life changed when my grandmother fell ill. She got very sick and I became a caregiver. As you can imagine, this drastically impacted my routine and the time I had available for other things, including work.

Every change life brings does not have to be negative, but it can still impact your time and resources. Other examples include:

Maximizing Time

Given that time is a finite resource (and that life can impact our free time at any moment) it’s critical to maximize time.

By eliminating wasted time and improving processes, we can increase our time for our priorities. It’s all about finding ways to streamline what we do while also reducing stress.

Maximizing time is not only about what you do in your business, it’s about every facet of life.

For example, when my grandmother got sick, she suddenly had about 16 pills (from medications and supplements combined) she needed to take per day. Making sure I had everything organized correctly about 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) and not missing any of her key medications. Managing that was really painful and stressful.

I found out about CVS’s Simple Dose where they pre-package the pills for you and organize them based on the time of day.

Do you know how many hours and stress that has saved me?

I got more time back to focus on my business, but also more time for myself. One simple change like this alleviate my stress, improved the process I had, and maximized my time.

Imagine how much time and brain power you can get back from making several similar adjustments.

What is Your Cap?

As a business owner, how have you set up your business model? The key is to understand your existing caps so that you can get time, freedom, and success back. 

For example, imagine that you’re a dentist. How many patients can you see per day?

There’s certainly a limit.

Consider the resource caps on how many patients a dentist can see:

The way your business model is structured will influence your cap. Your cap for how many patients or clients you can help. A cap for revenue. 

Lifestyle Goals

A lot of people want to own their own business to break free of “working for someone else.” They want the freedom to set their own schedule, to determine their own path.

Regardless of your role in a business, business is not all we have in life.

We can make all of the money in the world and have all of the success, but what does it mean if we don’t live the life we want?

Consider your lifestyle goals, things in life that matter to you.

Maybe it’s being able to make your son’s baseball games, or date night with your spouse weekly. It could be the freedom to stay home with the kids when they are sick or to take a vacation (without ANY work) at least twice per year.

It’s all about determining what matters to you, and visualizing it.

How do you visualize the life you want?

A mood board?
A collage?
Daily post-its?

If you don’t visualizing it, you won’t prioritize it.

Figure out your lifestyle goals and how to visualize them.

Balance and Boundaries

It’s easy to think that the solution for dealing with your cap is to just raise the ceiling.

We often think that to make up for lost “time” we have to work longer hours, and even weekends and holidays. The go-to solution is to work more. To extend hours, to never put the work down. To allow it to consume us.


Maybe just working more can help you earn more. But at what cost?

We pull in the long hours – and that creates stress, and lack of sleep, and eventually leads to chronic illness.

So the “lifestyle goal” filled with hobbies, get-togethers, relaxation, fun – all becomes an unreachable dream.
This leads to resentment of the lifestyle they have – resenting what they had to give up.

Balance and boundaries are essential. It’s the only way to meet business goals AND lifestyle goals.


When it comes down to it, you must figure out what matters to you, in business and life. Then you need to prioritize. 

Set boundaries and focus on balance.

Having a set schedule where you maximize the prospects you can engage with each day means you say “no” to things.

So how are people like Jennifer Lopez able to maximize their time and do and achieve so much?

Is the billionaire morning routine the secret to the winning lifestyle of Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg?


But even the winning morning routine touted by so many successful people is all about priorities and maximizing time.

So, how can you do this?

Is Hiring Staff the Solution?

Hiring help is a common solution that many people turn to when trying to deal with their cap. So many believe that hiring more staff is the goal to gain back their time. Here’s the issue that I’ve gone through with that:
While expanding your team may be necessary, it’s not the single fix for dealing with your cap. You need to improve processes.

Improve Processes Through
Delegation and Automation

Unless you change something, there’s a cap for how much you can offer and how much you can earn. 

The best solution to having more time, more freedom, and more clients is delegation and automation.

The power that delegation and automation have is endless. It can:

Marketing Automation
Improves Your Lifestyle

The power of delegation and automation extends far past your business. It can also help you improve your lifestyle and live the life you want. 

There are several ways marketing automation will help you improve your lifestyle including:

Start Marketing Your Brand When
You Don’t Have the Time or Resources

Automation and delegation help you stay engaged and give you more time, freedom, and clients. 

The focus is to remove your limited cap, scale your business, and enjoy doing what you love so that you can achieve your lifestyle goals.

Rather than working more or hiring more to deal with your cap, automate and delegate. Outsourcing areas like marketing will help free up your time and mental power. It will reduce your stress while also improving your processes and helping you earn more. 

Not to mention, you’ll be able to live the lifestyle you always wanted. You won’t need to sacrifice your mental health or family time for your business. You can truly have the freedom and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

The truth is, that innovation, technology, and resources are there. You just need to shift your mindset to align with your vision and goals. Embrace and elevate.

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