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We ask you to first give a donation directly to one (or multiple) of these charities below so that we can help kids, seniors, and everyone in-between have access to meals during tough times! There is no minimum or maximum amount. However much you can and are willing to give. Thank you!

Here are the next steps after you have donated....

1. Save and upload a PDF, PNG, or JPEG image file of the receipt confirmation email for your donation using the form below.

(Note: your email must be the same email address you will use to sign up for the consult meet.)

2. Once your uploaded file is received, one of the team members will review and provide you a questionnaire link.

The questionnaire you will fill out will help Valeh learn about you and better understand your journey towards inspiring, impacting, and/or innovating prior to the scheduled Zoom call. Valeh will spend 5 minutes or more reviewing your questions and understanding your struggles, roadblocks, frustrations, obstacles, etc., to prepare for the 15-minute Zoom meet.

3. After you submit the questionnaire form, you will receive a link to Valeh’s available schedule for a 15-minute Zoom meet. So get that questionnaire filled out and submitted as soon as possible and get on her calendar ASAP! She is already filling up this month!

4. Post the Zoom meet, she will spend 10 minutes or more crafting a summary of the meet and a customized forward moving achievement step report. You will receive this report within 3 business days following the Zoom meet.

Looking forward to learning more about your journey ahead… and thank you for giving to those in need first.


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